Monday, April 26, 2010

Guilty pleasure

I have always loved my alone time. I absolutely love my time to myself tucked away in my little pink room. Just divine, really. During this "me time" I do one of three things. I either read blogs, watch bad television, or pour through website after website looking for house stuff. House stuff=lamps, bedding, tables, chairs, fabrics, curtains. I suppose I feel like I should be prepared if, say, someone asks me to marry them tomorrow and BAM I have to know what I'm going to decorate a house with. I can't wait to be able to decorate a whole house. The idea of this really thrills me--probably more than it should. I just so look forward to having a fresh canvas. I mean right now, living in a near-campus house with my three college roommates is lovely. However, I do look forward to a house where the furniture and decor flows. And a place with pillows that haven't been chewed by two golden retriever puppies. Thank you, Barkley and Bailey.
I decided a good way to keep track of my favorites would be to keep them here, in my blog. Here we go.






(credit: Shades of


(credit: pottery barn)

Love love love this kitchen!!!


(credit: Coastal Living)

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