Monday, April 19, 2010

Number 1

After spending an entire afternoon reading so many great blogs, I caved and decided to make my own. I literally spent hours reading through the stories of so many women. I was amazed and humbled reading your tales of strength and survival through so many of life's challenges. So now, I will attempt to share my life and adventures via blogging (read: Tyler I can already hear you laughing). My plan (the one and only one I concocted) was to start a Marriage and Family Therapy program (MFT) in the fall. Several weeks ago, I found out that God has different plans for me. The program to which I applied only accepted 12 students. T-W-E-L-V-E, yes. I assumed that I would be accepted but was not. Currently, I am learning how to be flexible and patient. I don't typically shift gears well, so I'm sure this is just a life lesson. I have been applying for jobs and praying to get some calls for interviews! I am determined to be excited and believe that there are good things in store.


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