Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Two Blog Tuesday

I am finally getting the hang of blogging. Each day I find a new blog to follow. It's becoming somewhat of an addiction. It has been rainy the past two days so Barkley hasn't gotten to go for a walk or get any exercise at all (which he really does need). I've tried to explain to him that if you eat more calories than you expend, you get chubby. Barkley is a 10 month old golden retriever. In addition to being called Barkley, he also goes by fatty, fat sack, and big boy. He really isn't as fat as everyone jokes he is. He's just still quite fluffy. I don't care if he does have an eager appetite, I love him just the same. I keep telling him I'm going to have to switch him to off-brand dog food if I don't find a job soon. He just rolls over onto his back and kicks his legs. Not a care in the world. Blissfully unaware.
How do you grow from this?

To this?

The boyfriend got a job yesterday so we're going to dinner to celebrate tonight. xo

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