Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wordy Wednesday

The past couple of weeks have been so crazy. I feel like I have been staying so busy but not really accomplishing much. I drove the remainder of the boyfriend's belongings down to Florida in a U-Haul truck on Saturday. This was my first U-Haul experience and hopefully (but probably not) my last. I really hate long drives. I always have really. I think it stems from my childhood road trips with my family. I love my family, but 4 young children in the backseat of a minivan for 4 hours is dreadful. When I think back to those days I think of the pinching, biting, "he touched me first", and my dad's threats to pull the car over. Sunday I flew back alone. I managed to finish Heart of the Matter while sitting in the airport. Just like the rest of her novels, I could not put it down. It was sort of similar to Love the One You're With but still immensely entertaining. (Love the One You're With is still my favorite). I cannot read on a plane unless I'm already well into the book. Mostly because I'm nervous. There will never come a time that I'm not talking to God during take off.

We made tacos and watched Modern Family tonight. If you are not familiar with Modern Family you should go to immediately and catch up. The entire first season is on their website. It truly is the best new show on television. It's absolutely hilarious. I sure do love my television. I'm particularly excited about the Bachelorette starting on Monday night. Go ahead and judge me. After the catastrophe that was Jake's season, I swore I wouldn't be watching again. Well, surprise. I am also VERY excited for the Sex and the City 2 movie. I'm hoping to see it the night it comes out with my two best girlfriends from home.
In other news, I am STILL searching for a job. I'm primarily looking in the Tampa/St.Petersburg area so hopefully something will turn up soon. If you have any tips/suggestions/ideas let me know.

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