Tuesday, June 29, 2010

5 Things I'm loving right now

1) Pretzel M&Ms.

2) Bethenny Getting Married (and her one-liners)

3) My family (I have been seeing a lot more of them lately and it has truly been a blessing)

4) The summer thunderstorms we've been getting today

5)That I now have 5 followers. You just don't know how this thrills me :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sweet Summertime

Summertime is officially in full swing. I have lived in North Carolina almost all of my life and every year I say this but this time I mean it: this is the hottest summer we've ever had. I love being outside but it has been much too hot lately. It's the humid, uncomfortable, start-sweating-when-you-walk-outside kind of heat. I would probably complain if it were too cold as well. Barkley and I managed a walk today before we both came home and plopped down in exhaustion. He has a lot more hair than I do, so he HAD to have been hot--but he trotted happily through the neighborhood without a care in the world.

My favorite part of summer is how things seem to slow down. Weekends are filled with beach trips or lounging by the pool. The increasingly hot weather seems to provide me with a legitimate excuse to indulge in treats like ice cream, popsicles, and sonic slushes. I love having extra time to read as well. I've been traveling a lot lately so I've been able to read even more waiting in airports. I have checked off several books on my summer reading list. It looks a little like this:

1) Heart of the Matter-check.
2) American Wife-check. LOVED this book.
3) Firefly Lane-check.
4) The Man of my Dreams-check.
4) Naturally Thin (Bethenny Frankel's book--almost done)
5) The Purpose Driven Life (work in progress--reading one chapter/day for 30 days)
6) The One that I want (starting now)
7) I Will Carry You (by Blogger Angie Smith)
8) My Fair Lazy
9) The Relationship Principles of Jesus (A friend suggested this one)
10)True Colors
11) Look me in the eye

I love being able to read recreationally during the summer. What are you reading?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Baby Cohen

I was heartbroken to find out that Baby Cohen had passed away. After reading his story for several weeks I began praying for him and his family. I cannot imagine how difficult it is to lose a child. To read his story go here: Send Love to Cohen. Cohen underwent several very expensive surgeries. On their website, there is a place to make a donation to help his family with the mountain of costs. Every little bit counts. Please pray for their family.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Birthday List

My birthday is a month away. However, this does not mean I haven't started to make my birthday list. When I was little, I used to make this loooong lists of items I hoped to receive. It seemed like you could ask for tons of stuff when you were little because each individual item probably only cost a few dollars. (i.e. Barbie, Barbie Jeep, American Girl doll accessories, art sets, etc.) This isn't the case these days. As a big girl, I have procured a taste for the finer things. I'm not exactly sure where this came from. I blame People Magazine, my sorority, and Amy/Joslyn. I came up with a dream birthday list. A little into Kate Spade right now.