Thursday, July 15, 2010

Who moved my cheese?

I saw this posted over at PinkWallpaper and I really like it's simple message. I certainly believe that God has a plan and it is much bigger than me and my plans. It's looking as though I may join the boyfriend in Tampa, FL. I have visited several times this summer and I really like it so far. It is very different from North Carolina. Very. Different. As mentioned before I am a slave to my comfort zone. I think it's time for me to make a change and be uncomfortable in order to test myself outside of this comfort zone. It will be scary to be in a new place. It will be scary to be a couple states away from my family. But I think I need to try something new and be open to possibilities that are new and different than I had originally planned. New York will have to wait a year or two. Hopefully, once the boyfriend's job *fingers crossed* moves him to NYC I will just scoot right along. In the meantime, I would love for anyone in the Tampa area to give me suggestions or helpful info about the area to comment. Or if you have ever made a big move and had to be extra brave. I'd love to hear your story.

Lord, please let a couple of years living in NYC be in my plan that you've made for me.


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  1. I live about 1.5 hours north of Tampa but everyone I know that lives there loves it. It's full of twenty something people and fun things to do. Hope this helps.