Saturday, August 28, 2010


Tyler and I ventured out to the IKEA today. Little did we know what we were getting ourselves into. If you haven't been to IKEA before, you need to make it your business to go. It is just about the craziest place I have ever seen. Quite the zoo on a Saturday afternoon, might I add. It was overwhelming, yet amazing. Shopping in big mass-producing stores (i.e. Cosco, Sam's Club, etc) gives me a thrill. IKEA was nothing short of spectacular. I realize that the quality of their furniture, accessories, etc may not be tip top but for twenty-something apartment living it is perfect. The best part was we (i.e. Tyler) assembled the bookshelf/entertainment center we purchased in less than 30 minutes. We bought these super sturdy woven wicker baskets to go in several of the shelf openings that make it look all the better. AND we found a set of 6 wine classes for $4.99. I somehow always end up breaking the nice stemless wine glasses we have so these will probably last until I'm a hundred. Long story short, I was in awe of all the great stuff they had in one (huge) place. Does anyone else love IKEA?!

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