Monday, August 30, 2010

Sweet Addiction

Let me start by saying: I love Diet Coke. Like, LOVE it. It began about 20 years ago, stealing sips of my Grandmama Louise's daily beverage. During college, I often referred to it as my "life juice" because I couldn't start my day without an ice cold one. (I still hate the way it sounds referring to college in the past tense. WHEN I WAS in college, BACK IN college, etc. Just tastes bad. )

In the spirit of living a healthier lifestyle, I have decided to break my habit. I am going cold turkey, people. No more will I drink 2 cans of this refreshing beverage each day. I've heard people say that they've lost like 10 lbs. from cutting out diet sodas all together. I've also heard plenty of segments on the news discussing the health hazards of Aspertame (the artificial sweetener used in diet drinks) and how bad sodas are in general. So as of yesterday, I am done with it.

Does anyone share this addiction? I feel like I may need a support group.

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