Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Brain Poot

I am not a fan of the f word. The f word I'm talking about is ... fart. What an ugly word. So I say poot instead. It's much more friendly and lady-like.

Just a couple of things.

1) I want a new blog header. I know the font I want for it. I just don't know anything about blog design so I would love some help. Puh-lease let me know if you can enlighten me.

2) I am quickly becoming addicted to google reader. This is an issue as I should be working on coursework. For my masters degree. Did I mention that? Well, I just started my masters degree online for Marriage and Family Therapy. Go me!

3) I'm reading The Glass Castle. In a word, phenomenal. You simply must must must read it. It's strange, sad, unbelievable and heart-warming all at the same time.

4) I said must must must because Eloise always says things three times. I've had Eloise on the brain because I recently saw this post by Little Miss Can't Be Wrong. It is absolute perfection by Betsy Johnson. My hope is that one day I have a little girl to take on this magical adventure at The Plaza.

5) I can't help but think about New York City this time of year. Central Park in the Fall. I want to live there so. freaking. bad. Fingers crossed.

6) Happy First Day of Fall!
I'm hoping to enjoy some fall weather soon. This is my first Florida fall. (Is there a fall in Florida?!) I'm still waiting to find out. People say there is. I am longing to put on tights and leggings and boots (oh my).

Side Note: I was told it's okay to wear white past labor day in south Florida. This basically goes against everything I once believed to be true. I can't bring myself to do it. It just seems so wrong...almost like not washing your hands after using the restroom. Thoughts on this notion??

In celebration of the first official day of fall I will be making Paula Deen's Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cake. It is such a delicious fall treat. I'm not a huge fan of pumpkin pie but I LOVE this cake. I cut it up into little squares once baked and eat with a scoop of ice cream like a brownie. The recipe is here.

Happy Fall Ya'll


  1. - I am in the process of having someone give my blog a "facelift" and this includes a new header. http://www.scoopbybeth.blogspot.com/ $35 for a header, background, and signature.
    - I am 100% against white after Labor Day, but a LOT of people do it...totally a personal preference
    - I'm going to NYC in December :) Love it there!

  2. awww -- thank you for the shout out!! you're too sweet!
    some girlfriends and i are planning on doing eloise tea this fall at the plaza. i will be doing a follow up post, don't worry!!

  3. Whoa...pumpkin gooey butter cake?! I die! That may actually kill me, but it'd be worth it! And I loved The Glass Castle too! What a fabulous book!