Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Weekend Update

TG (aka the boyfriend) and I headed up to the windy city early Saturday morning. His Dad and Step Mom live right downtown in the city. Chicago is one of my favorite places. I feel like it is often forgotten about. I didn't think I could love another city like I love New York City, but Chicago is a VERY close second. TG's parents always go out of their way to make our visits really special. This weekend was no exception. We have been up to Chicago quite a few times now so we're over doing the "touristy" things. Last trip we fell in love with the Bucktown neighborhood. This trip it was Lincoln Park. Lincoln Park is very pretty and filled with residential areas, great shopping, and even a zoo. Sunday morning we wandered the streets of the Lincoln Park neighborhood, ate lunch at a neighborhood bar/deli. We then headed over to the zoo. Which amazingly enough, is free. The zoo trip did come at the cost of having my toes run over numerous times by strollers. (Your newborn doesn't care about seeing animals.) But it was a beautiful day so we really did enjoy the zoo. I had intended to put some pictures of the animals. As well as a photo of a child we saw who was on a leash (weird.) However, I can't seem to find my USB cord for my camera. So this will have to do.

Saturday (don't know why I'm telling the weekend backwards) we went to Chinatown and had Dim Sum. Real Chinese food is tasty but quite different than what I typically order (There was no General Tso's Chicken...My favorite). Then we strolled through Chinatown for an hour or so. We saw lots of chinese-esque decor/gifts/groceries but didn't buy anything. Very interesting to see another Chinatown besides the one in NYC. Saturday night we ate at the most amazing restaurant, Boka. I love trying new food and making an attempt at being a foodie. TG's parents certainly have opened me up to the world of fine dining. To my parents, fine dining is like Outback. Or the ONE semi-fine dining place near where we live, On the Square. They know good food none the less, it's just on a different spectrum.

Both nights TG and I went out for a couple of drinks. We stopped by the Park Hyatt and had a drink at the NoMi Garden, which is a rooftop bar/restaurant on the seventh floor. Such a neat way to see the city and have a cocktail : )

All in all it was another successful trip to Chicago. We're already looking forward to visiting again.


  1. I can't wait to read your blog in entirety. Email me at ahp5@aol.com I'm in SouthTampa!