Saturday, October 30, 2010

Baby Drama

I've been dreaming of a new camera for a while now. Seeing all of the beautiful pictures bloggers take with their lovely cameras makes me green with envy. I've been looking at two in particular that I think are pretty nice.
This baby:

And this baby:

What kind of camera do you use? Thoughts on these two? Suggestions please!

Sadly, my camera fund had to get spent on something else. While that something else is much cuter than the camera, I was still bummed. Warning: this is very TMI. There's really no other way to say it besides Barkley has had disgusting diarrhea. Since Wednesday. After I found myself googling "mucus in dog poop", I decided to go ahead and take him to the vet. $198.00 later, he was given fluids, he is fasting for 24 hours, has 2 prescriptions, and will have to eat this bland prescription food for 2 days. Poor thing. And after all, he is much more important to me than a camera.

In other news, I am attempting to start a couch to 5K training program. I certainly like the idea of running a 5K or being able to say "yeah, I'm training for a marathon next month". I want to like running.

I saw Life As We Know It and it was so cute. It was pretty guy-friendly as well. I was expecting a major chick-flick. The man guy in it, Josh Duhamel, is major eye candy. I will definitely be buying it when it comes out on DVD.

That's pretty much all the fun for me this weekend. I have a big paper to work on. Boo.
Happy Weekend and Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day of Blog Silence for Daddy Butch

I've read Summer's blog for a while now. Her Dad went to heaven Monday. Please keep her in your prayers. And of course, go visit her blog and leave her encouraging words.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Whirlwind Weekend

Homecoming weekend was so much fun. Since moving away, I have really come to appreciate where I grew up and where I went to college. There is just nothing like being in your home town and college town. I loved seeing so many familiar faces. College really did fly by. I feel like it was just yesterday that I moved into the dorm. I will get around to posting more pictures from the weekend.

I had an interesting flight home last night. I sat beside a married couple who told me they had been married 28 years. He also told me I was lucky to be sitting by him since he would spend the majority of the flight turned to his wife because he "was madly in love with her". Normally, I would have thought "how sweet". This couple, however, was not what I would call normal. They made out the entire flight. And the kissing noises they were making were d-i-s-g-u-s-t-i-n-g. I was trying to ignore them but I'm pretty sure there was also some groping going on. It gets worse. At one point I heard the wife say "Are we about to pull another all-nighter? ::laughs:: I have work in the morning." I was beyond grossed out. Don't get me wrong, small PDA gestures are sweet. But this was bad. I mean, get a room!

This leads me to my next point. In an attempt to distract myself, I flipped through the Sky Mall magazine. Thought I would share some of the interesting things I found.

The Cat Toilet Training System

The Inflatable Dog Wash

Inflatable Halloween Black Cat
I'm pretty sure our dogs would be terrified of this.

And last but not least, the perfect addition to any garden or backyard: The Bigfoot Garden Yeti Sculpture.

Happy Monday : )

Friday, October 22, 2010

Homecoming Weekend

I am in North Carolina this weekend for my homecoming festivities (and to see my family, of course!) I was so excited when my mom and sister picked me up from the airport Wednesday. My mom is already trying to plan my thanksgiving and Christmas visits. And I am already dreading the tears there will be when I leave Sunday night.

I am enjoying this taste of fall weather (and actually wearing long sleeves). TG called me yesterday and informed me that Barkley had eaten an entire tube of chapstick. Oh, good!
I'm looking forward to seeing all of my girlfriends.
And being in Greenville, NC.
And running into people I haven't seen in a while.
And some of this:

And some of this:
excited to see my bestie!

and these fabulous women

Happy Weekend! And Go Pirates!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday thoughts

I have had such a busy week with graduate school work. It's so time consuming! So I have been behind books and computer screens for the past week or so.

This weekend TG and I (along with our furry friends) are walking in Tampa's 3K Pet Walk. The walk raises money for the Tampa Bay SPCA. I'm looking forward to enjoying a saturday morning walking along the St. Petersburg Bay. There are tons of boats out there and it's so pretty. I'm excited to take this guys downtown.

Last Saturday morning we ventured to the St. Petersburg Farmer's Market that's on the waterfront every Saturday morning. They have all kinds of produce and food stands. Unfortunately, I wasn't all that hungry while we were there. They also had lots of people selling different trinkets, art, photography, tacos, jam, cheeses, baked goods and everything else under the sun. Lots of people had their dogs out there with them. Had we known dogs were allowed we would have brought Chip and Barkley.

I don't think I mentioned last week but I had a diet drink relapse. Oops. However, I did not drink diet coke (which is a plus in my mind) but did drink an entire 2 liter of diet sprite. I think part of me feels like it's healthier because it's clear. This is not true. I was telling my dear friend Karry about my addiction and she said to try La Croix. Turns out, it's a nice alternative and no artificial sweeteners. So..go me!

After weeks and weeks of checking the Total Wine Warehouse for Bethenny Frankel's Skinny Girl Margaritas, they were finally in stock!! I bought two bottles last Saturday. They didn't make it through the week. If you haven't tried it, you should. It is delicious and the entire bottle only has like 400 calories. (Not that I would drink the whole bottle in one sitting...)
I love Bethenny Frankel in general. I've tried several of her recipes recently and the Stuffed Peppers on her website are delicious AND healthy!

I nanny for two girls as a side job. They happen to live right on the bay. It's gorgeous, really. We were sitting on the dock Tuesday and these three dolphins (one was a baby!!) swam up near the dock. They were literally 10 feet from the dock. It was really incredible. Or atleast I thought so. The girls said they see dolphins all the time. I feel like such a Florida virgin in so many ways. ha!

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Friday, October 8, 2010


I saw a commercial for this new barbie today. It is a veterinarian. However, the twist here is that the only thing this veterinarian does is help cats give birth. The commercial shows the mama cat sitting at the top on the table and each kitten she births slides down the slide into a basket.

...Does anyone else think this is WEIRD?

Team Ewan

The past few weeks I have been following this blog about baby Ewan. Ewan had congenital heart defects and went to heaven on October 3rd. As I followed her blog, I was rooting for Ewan just as I rooted for Cohen this past summer. The past couple blog entires written by Ewan's mom have broken my heart. I simply can't imagine what it's like to lose a baby. A baby you have carried in your body for 9 months. A baby that you have painted the walls of a nursery for and bought tiny clothes for. My heart is so heavy for this family. Please send prayers their way. Prayers for peace and strength.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What I'm Loving Wednesday

1) Zumba
I went to my first Zumba class last night and it was so much fun. I just went to the Zumba website and searched for classes in my area. Zumba combines latin and hip hop dance moves in a full body work out. It was pretty intense but the hour flew by because it was so fun. I will definitely be going to classes every week from now on.

2) Essie A-List nail polish
I love a good red.

3) Mad Men
I recently started renting Mad Men from Netflix (starting with the first season, of course) and it is SO good. And it's really different from everything else on television.

4) Swirl
I stumbled across another good sale website (similar to Rue La La and Gilt). I don't know if anyone else has been using Swirl but it's another goodie!

5) The Leaves Candle
This is the ultimate fall candle. Smells great without being nauseating (as some candles can be).
6) Glee
I caved and finally gave Glee a chance. I wish I had started watching sooner. The Britney Spears episode last week made me want to stand on my couch and sing baby one more time like I was in 7th grade all over again. And I just love Jane Lynch. She's hilarious.

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Russian Tea

I hadn't thought about this tasty drink in forever. Somehow TG and I started talking about how our moms always made russian tea in the fall/winter months. It is yummy and so very fall. I'll be whipping up a batch to keep on hand. Just make sure to store it in a tupperware or other air tight apparatus. Here is the recipe and it's easy peasy.

  • 1 cup instant tea powder
  • 2 cups powder Tang
  • 1 (3 ounce) package powdered lemonade mix
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cloves

Combine ingredients. Add 2-3 spoonfuls to a cup of boiling water. Adjust to your tasting. Voila! Russian Tea.