Saturday, October 30, 2010

Baby Drama

I've been dreaming of a new camera for a while now. Seeing all of the beautiful pictures bloggers take with their lovely cameras makes me green with envy. I've been looking at two in particular that I think are pretty nice.
This baby:

And this baby:

What kind of camera do you use? Thoughts on these two? Suggestions please!

Sadly, my camera fund had to get spent on something else. While that something else is much cuter than the camera, I was still bummed. Warning: this is very TMI. There's really no other way to say it besides Barkley has had disgusting diarrhea. Since Wednesday. After I found myself googling "mucus in dog poop", I decided to go ahead and take him to the vet. $198.00 later, he was given fluids, he is fasting for 24 hours, has 2 prescriptions, and will have to eat this bland prescription food for 2 days. Poor thing. And after all, he is much more important to me than a camera.

In other news, I am attempting to start a couch to 5K training program. I certainly like the idea of running a 5K or being able to say "yeah, I'm training for a marathon next month". I want to like running.

I saw Life As We Know It and it was so cute. It was pretty guy-friendly as well. I was expecting a major chick-flick. The man guy in it, Josh Duhamel, is major eye candy. I will definitely be buying it when it comes out on DVD.

That's pretty much all the fun for me this weekend. I have a big paper to work on. Boo.
Happy Weekend and Happy Halloween!


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  2. hahah! omg i love those halloween doggies...too funny!

  3. poor thing...hope your puppy is feeling better. i just came across your blog and cannot keep my mouth shut. i love love love my canon rebel. i highly suggest it. i heard great things about the nikon too but i biased.

  4. Hi Hannah! I'm so glad you commented on my blog, because I have loved looking through yours. You remind me so much of myself! Ha - that sounds so weird. I'm definitely going to start following! Two things:
    1. How hilarious is that Antoine Dodson dog? I saw that the other day and cracked up.
    2. Go with the Nikon!!! I have a Nikon d40 and I loooove it!

  5. Oh, and also... totally go for the 5k girl. You can do it!

  6. Love the Antoine dog - too too funny!!