Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday thoughts

I have had such a busy week with graduate school work. It's so time consuming! So I have been behind books and computer screens for the past week or so.

This weekend TG and I (along with our furry friends) are walking in Tampa's 3K Pet Walk. The walk raises money for the Tampa Bay SPCA. I'm looking forward to enjoying a saturday morning walking along the St. Petersburg Bay. There are tons of boats out there and it's so pretty. I'm excited to take this guys downtown.

Last Saturday morning we ventured to the St. Petersburg Farmer's Market that's on the waterfront every Saturday morning. They have all kinds of produce and food stands. Unfortunately, I wasn't all that hungry while we were there. They also had lots of people selling different trinkets, art, photography, tacos, jam, cheeses, baked goods and everything else under the sun. Lots of people had their dogs out there with them. Had we known dogs were allowed we would have brought Chip and Barkley.

I don't think I mentioned last week but I had a diet drink relapse. Oops. However, I did not drink diet coke (which is a plus in my mind) but did drink an entire 2 liter of diet sprite. I think part of me feels like it's healthier because it's clear. This is not true. I was telling my dear friend Karry about my addiction and she said to try La Croix. Turns out, it's a nice alternative and no artificial sweeteners. So..go me!

After weeks and weeks of checking the Total Wine Warehouse for Bethenny Frankel's Skinny Girl Margaritas, they were finally in stock!! I bought two bottles last Saturday. They didn't make it through the week. If you haven't tried it, you should. It is delicious and the entire bottle only has like 400 calories. (Not that I would drink the whole bottle in one sitting...)
I love Bethenny Frankel in general. I've tried several of her recipes recently and the Stuffed Peppers on her website are delicious AND healthy!

I nanny for two girls as a side job. They happen to live right on the bay. It's gorgeous, really. We were sitting on the dock Tuesday and these three dolphins (one was a baby!!) swam up near the dock. They were literally 10 feet from the dock. It was really incredible. Or atleast I thought so. The girls said they see dolphins all the time. I feel like such a Florida virgin in so many ways. ha!

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  1. love the skinnygirl products!! we are constantly, constantly sold out in our area!

  2. I've always wanted to try authentic Skinnygirl Margs since I always make my own!

    My friend, Christina (, and I have been talking about trying Graze soon - didn't you say your cousin owned it? Could we talk to him/her about doing a review or something fun for the blogs? Email me if you think this is a possibility

  3. I just found your blog! I'm a Tampa native in school at UF. I heard that there is dog trick-or-treating in Hyde Park next week, in case you are interested! :)

  4. So excited to know you BABYSIT!! Would you ever babysit for 5?! Did you grow up in Raleigh? It's so fun that you're a Tampa virgin too!

  5. So glad you got to test out Bethenny's Skinny Girl bev... I was always curious to hear how it was!