Monday, November 29, 2010

Re-cap and Re-coop

TG's family left early yesterday morning. We enjoyed turkey (obviously), sweet potato casserole, TG's great grandmother's special green beans, mashed potatoes, dressing, gravy, chocolate pie, pumpkin pie, and raspberry cheesecake. Many beers and glasses of wine were consumed. There is enough food left in our fridge to feed a small country. We are exhausted. But thanksgiving was a success!

Today, we are doing a lot of lounging and catching up on work. We are so lucky to work from home. By we, I mean me. Working from the couch (three deep) today.

I set up my apartment-sized baby christmas tree yesterday. It's really more of a table centerpiece than an actual tree. I have to find an extension cord in order to get it lit up. I was especially excited about my new ornaments I found at the Junior League Gift Mart this year.

TG doesn't think this looks like Chip. I was forced to go with the ornament that looked most like him since they don't make a 'lab-german shorthaired pointer mix' one.

Hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving! Now we can start saying Merry Christmas : )

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


TG and I talk about our plans to move to Chicago or New York all the time. We both love Chicago but I pretty much insist that we live in NYC for at least a couple years. We plan to start looking for jobs in both areas in the next 6 months. Any tips for job seekers in the NYC or Chicago area?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Miscellaneous Monday

I am excited for Eat Pray Love to come out tomorrow! I never saw it when it was in theaters. Was it good? I've heard mixed reviews. But I do know Oprah loved it. And what she says usually goes! : )

Speaking of Oprah, did anyone see the favorite things episode? I DVR'd it and made TG watch it with me. In honor of her farewell season, there are TWO parts to this year's favorite things! You better believe my DVR is set to record that this afternoon.

She gave away some pretty awesome stuff Friday including, Canon Rebel digital SLR cameras, Tory Burch flats and a tote, 52 inch 3D televisions, 5 year subscriptions to Netflix, and 7 day cruises on the world's newest and largest cruise ship, Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas.

Those are flannel flats. An unlikely combination but a match made in heaven. Like peanut butter and chocolate.

TG and I both got lots of laughs from watching the audience members freak out. These people were crying and hugging strangers in the seats next to them.

You've probably already heard that Tory Burch will be featured on Rue La La tomorrow starting at 11 am. News is quickly spreading around the blog world so I'm sure everything will be sold out in minutes.

TG's family will be arriving Wednesday evening. We are excited to see them and spend thanksgiving in a completely different way than we ever have before. TG has the world's sweetest mom (second only to my own sweet mama).

Happy Monday, ya'll.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Doggie Dilemma

I was so excited to finish up work early on Friday. I was looking forward to coming home, going to the gym and getting ready for my date night with TG. Silly me.

I walked into the apartment to find a cowering golden retriever and the remains of a Tide-To-Go pen. This is a pen like apparatus that is used to remove stains. I thought this was common knowledge. Apparently not. I had to explain what it was to like 5 different people at the Veterinarian office. I also had to repeat myself several times after the Vet technician said "Honey, you're gonna have to say that again. I can't tell because of your little southern accent". (Lady, God talks with a southern accent.)

Sitting in the examination room, I explained to Barkley that I hoped he understood that he would not be getting any treats, toys, or tennis balls this Christmas. This is the result of the simple fact that in the month of November alone I have spent over $400 at the VCA Veterinary hospital.

They gave us plenty of medicine and he should be fine. We will know within the next 2 days whether or not the plastic part of the Tide-To-Go pen has caused an obstruction. Please pray that it does not.

And please pray that he will find it in his heart not to eat anything else with harmful chemicals or have, tummy issues.

He's lucky he's handsome.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wanted: A Good Pair of Leggings


I need a pair (or 5) of black leggings. I like the ones that are all the way down to the ankle.

I am having to retire some of mine that have been worn out and over-loved. I've heard American Apparel has good ones. Yes?

Suggestions, please!

Monday, November 15, 2010


I've mentioned before that I love frozen yogurt. Well, nothing's changed, people. This weekend, the yogurt shop in the mall was featuring red velvet cake fro-yo! It was the best I have ever had. Red velvet cake seems to be making a come-back. I don't know that it ever really left but I've seen a lot of red velvet cake spin-off recipes recently.

For example:

Which is delicious, by the way.

Saturday morning we took the dogs over to downtown St. Petersburg to walk along the waterfront. I had yet another florida wildlife encounter (remember the dolphins I saw?). I was excited to see a sting ray swimming in a shallow spot. So neat! Downtown St. Pete is such a neat little area. The houses along Bay Shore Drive are beautiful.

We also attended a birthday party at a friend's house. We are loving making all sorts of new friends.

Sadly, Sunday-Funday did not happen this week due to a ridiculous amount of graduate school work that kept me busy from 1 p.m.-2 a.m. Whew. Just glad it's done.

Not to worry, all my Sunday night shows are recorded and waiting for me on my dear friend, DVR.

I will report back after I get around to watching Sarah Palin's Alaska, Desperate Housewives, and The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Happy Monday, ya'll.


Friday morning, TG and I found out that one of our college friends, Matt, had died in a car crash. Matt dated one of my sorority sisters for several years. TG and I actually went on our first unofficial date with them. TG knew him much better than I did. However, we all shared a lot of fun times at ADPi formals and Carolina Cup.

When things like this happen it really makes you think about your own life. It puts things in perspective. TG and I were pretty shaken up. He ended up coming home from work early. We decided to have a "let's celebrate life" mental health day. We went and had lunch by the water in downtown St. Petersburg. It was a beautiful day. We were reminded of just how precious and fragile life is. We have so much to be thankful for.

Count your blessings. Every single one of 'em!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

CMA Awards

After getting over the initial disappointment that Modern Family was not coming on, I started watching the CMA Awards.

Last night reminded me just how stunning Carrie Underwood is. I have such a girl crush on her. She is such a talent and just gorgeous.
I love that female country artists are never in the news for DUIs, rehab, or lack of undergarments. It's refreshing.

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton shared a huge night of wins. They were so cute together. In fact, I said to TG " I wish we were both country singers and could be like Miranda and Blake". He didn't really respond... haha

I love Miranda Lambert's song "The House that Built Me". I may or may not have cried each of the 6 times I heard it on the moving trip down to Florida. Just sayin'.

Taylor Swift performed "Back to December" from her new album. I love this song. I love Taylor Swift's music but I don't really care for her that much. Don't get me wrong, she is lovely but her dorky-ness is slightly annoying. Or maybe her behind the scenes specials and interviews just make her appear that way? "Back to December" is allegedly about her romance with Twilight star Taylor Lautner. Another song on the new album is rumored to be about John Mayer. AND just recently she was seen with Jake Gyllenhaal sharing an ice-cream sundae. Seems like she's been a busy little lady and falling in love left and right.

Gwyneth Paltrow made her country debut last night as well. I was so impressed with her singing and she looked beautiful.

Happy Veteran's Day. Thank you to all who have served our great country and made our freedom possible.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Digs

Thanks to Christine for my lovely new blog header!

I'm excited to have my little nook on the internet a little more personal : )

(We are in the process of changing it to "A Big Little Life" instead of Little Big Life. )

On another note, with my 5K training... I am realizing that I need some good running shoes. My new balance's just aren't cutting it anymore. Runners: what sneakers do you swear by?

As previously established, I am a television junkie. In fact, I don't know how I ever lived without DVR. I'm gearing up to watch Sarah Palin's Alaska which premieres this Sunday night. Should be pretty interesting. All politics aside, you must admit... she is quite the character.

And after all, John McCain is a Maverick.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Top Two Tuesday

Linking up over at Taylor's blog today for Top Two Tuesday!

Today is the Top Two things you are thankful for:

I am thankful for...

1) My family. My mother is devastated that I won't be coming to Thanksgiving this year but spending it with TG's family here instead. She will likely refer to it in the future as "the first year in 23 years that Hannah didn't spend thanksgiving with us". I told her I would spend a few extra days at home around Christmas to make up for it. I am so grateful for a loving and supportive family.

2) Sweet TG. Bless his heart, he puts up with a lot of nonsense from me. I have bossy tendencies at times. He loves me anyways.

My cup runneth over.

What are you thankful for?

Morning Glory

My golden boy wakes me up at the same time every morning by putting his sweet little wet nose right up to my face.

And I love it.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sister Wives

Have you seen Sister Wives?!

I consider myself a pretty open-minded person. I usually take the "whatever floats your boat" stance when considering odd things others may choose to do. I know, only He can judge. But He made me. And goodness gracious it is a never ending battle trying to keep my mouth shut and opinions in my head. Sometimes these opinions are covered up with saying "Well, Bless Her Heart". Anyways, I do have to share my sentiments regarding this show.

I watched this show a couple nights ago. The whole thing is so strange to me. The show makes it seem like they are more invested in this lifestyle than the mormon faith that polygamy has been associated with in the past.

Most men would likely say that pleasing one wife is hard enough never mind four. And honestly, I don't know how the guy (Kody) talked all these women into marrying him. He is a complete dork. And his hair is worse than Bruce Jenner's. In an interview he was asked "how would you feel about one of your wives having multiple husbands?" He said he would be disgusted and couldn't stand to think of such a thing. Hmm. Interesting. The women on the show claim to be happy but a couple of the women discussed their jealousy issues. They were emotional throughout the interview and I couldn't help but feel bad for them.

I realize that this lifestyle works for them and I'm not to judge. I watched it our of pure curiousity about mormonism and polygamy. I would love to hear your input on this topic. I am a Christian but I think it's interesting to hear about different belief systems.

I'm just glad I don't have to share TG with anyone else ; )

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ramblin' (wo)man

I can't believe it's already November. I am SO glad that the election is over and I don't have to listen to those annoying political ad commercials. I was happy to see the GOP taken back some seats in the house.

TG's parents are coming down to Tampa for Thanksgiving. His mom is going to help me with the cooking. I've been trying to find some good crowd-pleaser recipes. I need a bangin' dessert, and a couple of tasty sides dishes. Please post your suggestions!! They would be greatly appreciated.

Please keep Colt Brake in your prayers. He sustained life changing spinal injuries during a high school football game. He was a student at the high school I attended. It's a relatively small private school and the students/faculty have really come together to support Colt. He is in good hands at the Shephard Spinal Center in Atlanta but his family could use lots of prayers.

My sweet Barkley seems to be feeling much better!

Has anyone seen the show Giuliana and Bill on the Style Network? I'm pretty much obsessed with this couple. They also have a book out called "I Do, Now What?" I've picked the book up several times but never bought it. I need to grab it this weekend. I love what one of the first pages says: "If the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, it's because they work at it". I love this. They just seem like such a healthy couple. If you haven't seen the show you should check it out. It's now a vital part of my Monday nights.

I'm excited about heading out to the Junior League Holiday Gift Mart this weekend. Hopefully I can get some of my Christmas shopping done. They always have unique vendors. At least the one's I've been to in Raleigh have been.

We are also going to a friend's housewarming party this weekend. I'm excited to see her new house. And it's right on the bay!

Happy Wednesday, ya'll! And please leave me some ideas for Thanksgiving : )