Sunday, November 21, 2010

Doggie Dilemma

I was so excited to finish up work early on Friday. I was looking forward to coming home, going to the gym and getting ready for my date night with TG. Silly me.

I walked into the apartment to find a cowering golden retriever and the remains of a Tide-To-Go pen. This is a pen like apparatus that is used to remove stains. I thought this was common knowledge. Apparently not. I had to explain what it was to like 5 different people at the Veterinarian office. I also had to repeat myself several times after the Vet technician said "Honey, you're gonna have to say that again. I can't tell because of your little southern accent". (Lady, God talks with a southern accent.)

Sitting in the examination room, I explained to Barkley that I hoped he understood that he would not be getting any treats, toys, or tennis balls this Christmas. This is the result of the simple fact that in the month of November alone I have spent over $400 at the VCA Veterinary hospital.

They gave us plenty of medicine and he should be fine. We will know within the next 2 days whether or not the plastic part of the Tide-To-Go pen has caused an obstruction. Please pray that it does not.

And please pray that he will find it in his heart not to eat anything else with harmful chemicals or have, tummy issues.

He's lucky he's handsome.


  1. Oh no! Harry and I were rough housing once and he snatched the earring off my ear! My poor baby, I HAD to make him throw up with hydrogen peroxide...the earring might have perforated his intestines, so it was either expensive surgery or make him puke...poor lil' guy didn't like me for a little while. I can't say I blame him.

    I hope that poor lil' Barkley feels better and stays out of those bad things!

  2. thanks for following my blog! i agree with ya on the twenty something blogger thing - it's fun to find them :)

  3. You poor thing. I am so sorry! Vet bills stink!

  4. If it makes you feel better Bailey swallowed a ball at the dog park a week ago. I'm still waiting for him to poop it out. :/

  5. Did you find your leggings? Nordstrom Rack has them! The best news is that they are just $10!I can't wait to meet you at church... i"m the one with 5 children!