Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Digs

Thanks to Christine for my lovely new blog header!

I'm excited to have my little nook on the internet a little more personal : )

(We are in the process of changing it to "A Big Little Life" instead of Little Big Life. )

On another note, with my 5K training... I am realizing that I need some good running shoes. My new balance's just aren't cutting it anymore. Runners: what sneakers do you swear by?

As previously established, I am a television junkie. In fact, I don't know how I ever lived without DVR. I'm gearing up to watch Sarah Palin's Alaska which premieres this Sunday night. Should be pretty interesting. All politics aside, you must admit... she is quite the character.

And after all, John McCain is a Maverick.


  1. If you're doing any sort of running on a regular basis, I would suggest heading over to a runner's store (We have a Runner's Roost in Denver). They will look at how you walk and pronate so you buy the right shoe. You can also try them out on a treadmill before you buy so you can see if they rub you the wrong way. Totally worth the time!

  2. I completely agree with Ana. I did the same and it has helped so much. AKA - my legs don't kill me after a run anymore!

  3. Go to Bay to Bay and try Feet First. They are so helpful!