Tuesday, November 23, 2010


TG and I talk about our plans to move to Chicago or New York all the time. We both love Chicago but I pretty much insist that we live in NYC for at least a couple years. We plan to start looking for jobs in both areas in the next 6 months. Any tips for job seekers in the NYC or Chicago area?


  1. How exciting! I would suggest finding a job before you move there because it is so expensive to live there! And find the North Carolina society as soon as you arrive!

  2. oh gosh. i love both cities...i went to New York City twice last year, and will be headed to Chicago for New Years! woo-hoo! :) oh, and it's fun to see that you are in an MFT program! i'm in a lot of classes with MFTer's ;)

  3. yes lots of tips on getting a job/apt in nyc! e-mail me! xoxox