Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Half United

Last year, one of my ADPi sorority sisters, Carmin Black, started her own company. Her inspiration for the company, HALF UNITED, came during her time traveling and working for Tom's Shoes.

The name HALF United stems from the idea that when you purchase their products that's only HALF of what you're doing-You are also personally feeding a child in need.

I love the concept of this company. The website just recently launched but her clothes and jewelry are already in some stores in North Carolina. Give her website a visit : )


  1. You'll want to update your link to her's got blogger and in there.

    Oh, and I'm totally shopping right now. Well, not right now because I'm commenting here, but the page is open and I'm going there once I click "Post Comment", but you get the idea. ;-)

  2. Gosh what a great store, can't wait to do some shopping. Thanks for shopping it's such a great project! Why can't I think of something like this? Pi love.

  3. Love the shirt design and it seems like such a great cause too.

  4. that is so random you know Lauren. She is awesome. Pi love( I was one at NC state).