Monday, December 20, 2010


It really is so great to be home with my family. Really, it is. I am so blessed with a close knit family. However, I must say...I miss my TG, Barkley, and Chip. TG sent me this picture of them. I promise Chip really does have two eyes. This picture just doesn't look like it.
I had dinner with two of my very best friends (since high school) tonight. They are the best kind of friends. It doesn't matter how much time has passed (in this case 2 months) since I've seen them; we always pick up right where we left off. We ate at our favorite mexican restaurant. I had guacamole tonight that could bring world peace. It was delicious. And we ate the entire bowl. Just the three of us.

There's something to be said for old friends. The three of us know each other so well. They know that I was late to school almost every day in high school (Little did I know I would end up being quite prompt in my twenties : ) ) They know that I have to read an entire menu before selecting my entree. Having friends who will love you no matter what are hard to come by. I am so blessed to have you two girls in my life. I can't wait to see what God has in store for us. Weddings, babies (Ahem, adoptions for JCW), the whole nine yards.

On a completely unrelated note,
If you are still trying to find a last minute gift for someone special.. might I suggest the Barack Obama Chia Pet? I wonder what Sasha and Malia think of this. These Chia pets also come in Washington and Lincoln varieties : )


  1. Love the chia pet ha!! I love getting together with my h.s. friends! Glad you are home and no worries about missing 2 days in the long scheme of things it won't make a difference (either said than done ha). Hope you have an amazing Monday!

  2. Too funny! I actually gave my Dad one of these as a joke and he wouldn't put it up in his office due to possibly offending someone! :)

  3. haha i remember the first time i saw the Obama Chia commercial I thought it was a joke! I keep seeing spongebob, cat, and christmas tree chia commercials all the time now. crazy!