Thursday, December 2, 2010

Popping the question

I feel like everyone I know is getting engaged or married (usually both). TG and I have received several very cute Save-the-Date cards in the mail recently. It makes me excited for when that time comes in my own life (not just yet, mom). I have made TG well aware of the type of rings I like.

Some of my personal favorites:

Loved Jenna Bush's ring
And this one
This one too.

Even more important to me is the actual proposal. I hear so many cute stories of how people get engaged. This is the story you are going to have to tell like 100 times at first and then for years to come, so it should be good. This doesn't have to be elaborate. Just cute, meaningful, and special.

I'd love to hear your engagement stories : )


  1. I feel like everyone I know is getting engaged! It's so fun but it makes it hard to be patient...I'm not too subtle with my ring hints either!

  2. I'm not close to "boyfriend" much less a ring, but I have decided that a ring like Kate's would do just fine! I love the look of something other than a diamond as the main stone (and then surrounded by diamonds, natch.

  3. No engagement story for me yet but I look forward to all that fun stuff! I love Jenna Bush's ring too!!

  4. GORGEOUS rings!! So, do you think he is going to pop the question soon. My husband purposed at a beautiful restaurant up the canyon....I was completely surprised because I thought that he was in California:)
    I need more details about your boy!!!

  5. hey, i love all of the rings you picked. i feel like everyone is getting engaged too. i have been engaged almost a year...we still have another 6 months to go :)

    i wanted to answer your question. i have a canon xsi rebel. i love it. it is attached to my body at all times. when i got it my mom thought it was going to be one of those gifts that you get and you are over it in a couple months. i have had it over a year and just feel like i am getting comfortable. i got a news lens and that makes a huge difference. hope this helps and let me know what kind you get :)