Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Presents for the Pooch

I know I said Barkley wasn't getting anything for Christmas this year. Well, I said those things whilst in a dark place... a place where my bank account was being depleted by his vet mishaps (see: here & here).

Anyways, while browsing the web I found several perfect items for the pooch in your life.

Barkley already has one but I think he needs another one. As I told TG, "He needs another outfit".
He currently has this pattern with the brass hardware:
But I think this one with the fish would be handsome on him as well:

Eliza B. features the Leather Man Ltd. Collars so they are sturdy. I have even washed Barkley's a couple of times.

Harry Barker has cute collars too. Like these:

2) A cute sweater

Or pajama onesie

(If Barkley was 50 pounds lighter, he would definitely be wearing one of these on Christmas Eve.)

Or perhaps your dog likes to enjoy a day at the spa. Hmm.

3) Travel Bowls
These have draw strings so the food doesn't spill when not in use. Perfect for the beach or dog park.

{images via here, here, here, here, here}

Tartan Hound and Dazzle Dog Delight have really great dog stuff.


  1. Those travel bowls are genius

  2. One of my friends has the pajama onesie for her dog... most hilarious thing ever!

  3. My boyfriend got a cute Santa outfit for our cat haha. I got some toys for his stocking stuffer!