Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hodge Podge (& Bachelor Thoughts)

Each season I debate whether or not I want to watch the Bachelor/Bachelorette. After the charade that was Jake Pavelka's season, I just wasn't sure I could continue. All I can say about Jake is, Bless his heart. Anyways. I always end up watching. I just can't help myself. It's cheesy. Mostly scripted. I love it.

It seems like ABC reached an all time low (high?) this season by casting a man-scaper, a mortician, and a girl with fangs and vampire-like tendencies.

My favorites for this season are:
- Ashley S. She's a NC girl and seems genuine.
-Emily. AKA the Children's Hospital Event planner who has the little girl.
-Meghan. She's cute. Her shoes were not. However, I read that she left her job as a fashion marketer at Dolce & Gabbana to do the Bachelor. So she may not be the brightest crayon in this box.

I did get a little annoyed towards the end of the episode. My attention span tends to wither after listening to 1.5 hours of the girls beating up poor Brad for not choosing someone at the end of his original season. Who cares?! Maybe he just wasn't into either of those girls. Judging by the way they acted towards him on the premiere, I don't blame him. I hope the Brad-bashing doesn't continue into the coming episodes (although I'm pretty sure it will). But, for the record, he did go through "INTENSIVE THERAPY for THREE YEARS". I bet this was mentioned 500 times during the 2 hour show. Poor guy. I'm rootin' for ya Brad.

Moving on.

My lack of postings have been the result of feeling a little blue. Each year, after the holidays are over, I tend to feel a little blue. I think this is pretty common. I have trouble switching gears sometimes. It was hard for me to leave my routine to go home to NC and then it was hard for me to come back after 2 weeks of non-stop laughs and fun stuff with my mom and sister (I love you Syd). My grad school classes don't start back until next week so I haven't had enough to do. I thrive on routine so hopefully by next week I will be in the full-swing of things.

I really have no room to gripe. There are so many people in worse situations and dealing with way bigger stuff. I know that. I just wanted to share. That's all, folks.

If you have reached the end of this post, congratulations and God bless you. Thanks for reading.


  1. Hahaha, oh Hannah, I am pretty sure we would be best friends in real life. One of my best friends and I texted through out the whole episode about his "INTENSIVE THERAPY AND SOUL SEARCHING." So funny. And I mean, really with the vampire? I love Ashley S. and Emily, though! Emily actually works at the in Charlotte, NC that I am hoping to work at after college. Maybe she'll win and then I can say I know the bachelor - ha! I feel you on the post-holiday blues. Hopefully getting back into a routine will help us feel better. Have a wonderful day! :)

  2. I always say I'm not going to watch this season and then it always sucks me back in. Emily and Ashley S are my favorites so far! Although since Brad also picked fang girl and the manscaper I'm not sure his taste in women is really in check.... hehe.

    I assure you you are not alone in your post holiday blues. I'm back in town but I'm just waiting for everyone else to get here. Ready for a routine as well!

  3. Oh goodness, I accidently read Reality Steve and supposively know what happens at the end. Eeks! I love's basically the only TV show I watch...I know, how sad!

  4. Vampire girl MUST GO! Give me a break.