Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Today I feel...thankful.

I think about gratitude an awful lot lately. There's something to be said about enjoying the little things about each day. For some reason...just lately...I don't feel productive lately unless I'm running around like a chicken without a head. Isn't that silly? It's as if I've started to think that being stressed and busy is the mark of a fulfilled life. Does anyone else feel like this? No? Just me? haha

I feel thankful for the Pioneer Woman Cookbook I got from Santa. Without it, I couldn't have made her delicious lasagna. The step-by-step pictures are very helpful for the domestically challenged (read: me).

I feel thankful for a sweet boy that brings me flowers home.

I feel thankful for Barkley. Seriously. This dog makes me laugh all day long. Watching him chase his tail, lay on his back with all four legs in the air, and fall asleep with his head in the window sill is hilarious. I always think to myself, he gets it. He knows that the simple things in life are the best things in life (read: ice cubes and a good stick).

I am thankful that there is a chance Mark Consuelos may replace Regis. Or Anderson Cooper. Fun fact: Mark Consuelos is an ordained minister. I read that on his IMDB profile. A man of God and ridiculously good looking. Win and Win!

What are you thankful for?

(On a completely different note-Did you know that Barney Butter costs 10.99 at Publix?! I have heard so many people rave about this nut butter. What in the world? Barney Butter buyers: Do you do without cable and/or electricity in order to maintain your Barney Butter addiction? I need a coupon. Or something.)


  1. eww I don't like barney butter. naturally more is SO much better, plus it has flax seed in it. i MAY have a squeeze packet of barney butter i can send you if you want. i'll have to look. don't waste your money! and mmmm either mark or anderson cooper...both such hotties!

  2. $10.99, are you kidding me?! I love Barney Butter but it only costs $4.00 at my Whole Foods! That's ridiculous!

  3. p.s. I am still waiting for your review of The Bachelor from this week! :)

  4. My dog loves to sleep like that too and it cracks me up everytime!
    I had not heard this wonderufl news about Mark replacing Regis. That would be fun!

  5. OMG, Barney Butter is so good, it is worth every penny!!! I buy it directly from their website at a discount or the small jar from Whole Foods at $5.

  6. Beautiful dogs! My dog, Mr. Benjamin does the same thing when he is asleep. He acts like no one is in the bed but him.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting