Monday, February 28, 2011

Sorry Charlie

As in "You're sorry, Charlie".
I simply cannot keep my little [blogging] mouth shut.

This morning I couldn't help but think of the line from Steel Magnolias, when she says "And the nicest thing I can say about him is all of his tattoos are spelled correctly". My sentiment exactly.

I was especially excited for my morning coffee/Today show routine this morning. I knew it would be primarily filled with talk about last night's Oscars. Unfortunately, the bulk of the discussions were about Charlie Sheen. I found his interview rather upsetting. His delusional statements, arrogance, and inability to be accountable for his actions are bad enough on their own. What really got me was his statement about Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). In his interview, he calls the Alcoholics Anonymous literature, "A silly book written by a broken-down fool".

Well, Mr. Sheen, it just so happens that AA has helped thousands of people recover from alcohol addiction. I know people who have been able to completely transform their lives with the help of addiction recovery programs like AA. Perhaps if you had a high school diploma, you would be a little more enlightened about the world around you.

Charlie also stated on Today that CBS owes him an apology "publicly, while licking his feet".
First, gross. Second, are you in the 1st grade?

It makes me really sad to think that celebrities like this have such a platform, but cannot manage to do anything good or productive with it. I have trouble feeling sorry for him but I do feel sorry for his children and family who have had to endure the hurt that comes from the reckless lifestyle he is living. I honestly hope that he can find God through all of this, but he is so far gone already. It's safe to say that if Two and a Half Men ever does come back on air (which I highly doubt), TG will be watching it alone.

Please share your thoughts.

Weekend Update

I know everyone will be posting their favorite Oscar looks around the blog world today. So I think I will do the same.

I loved Cate Blanchett's look.

A lot of people didn't like it. But I wasn't one of them. ; )

Sandra Bullock was stunning per usual. Fun fact: Sandra Bullock went to ECU too!

This weekend was low-key. I babysat all day Saturday then finished up a paper. Yeah, I'm wild like that. TG met up with one of his buddies from SMU saturday night to go to a Keller Williams concert. Yesterday, TG bought me my very own fishing rod. We fished off of the dock in our neighborhood pond. After working on my casting skills (and almost hitting TG in the face with my worm/hook multiple times) we walked over to the pool and lounged in 80 degree weather. In February. The weather here still bewilders me. (Bewinlders? Did I use that correctly? Hm.) But I welcome being able to lay out all year long.

One of my best friends (and college roommate) is coming to visit this weekend! I'm so excited to spend some quality girl time with her.

What did you do this weekend?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Run Across America

This morning on Regis and Kelly, Dean Karnazes started his journey running across America. Dean is known as the ultramarathon man. According to his website, He recently ran 50 marathons, in 50 different states, in 50 consecutive days. He has now set out to run across America (California to New York City) in 75 days. During Regis and Kelly's Run Across America with Dean Karnazes, he will be running around 50 miles per day. On Regis and Kelly, they said that he will have to eat 10,000 calories per day in order to maintain his current weight.

How crazy is that!?

While Dean will be challenging himself in a whole new way, he is also running across America in support of the Action for Healthy Kids organization. To read more, go here.

It's hard to think of an excuse to not exercise knowing that ol' Dean is trucking it across America.

...I think I'll go run now.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Florida State Fair

Last week we crossed another item off of our Tampa Bucket List: the Florida State Fair.
At the fair we...

...saw bears playing in a pool
...ate a delicious funnel cake (In full disclosure: I ate most of it)
... saw a hat that looked a little like Chip.
...saw "the world's largest pig", Porky.
(May or may not have gotten sad looking at Porky with flies all over his belly)
...saw an "800 pound alligator" ..right.
...saw the world's largest rat, which actually isn't a rat at all.
...saw the cutest baby cows in the world/begged TG to buy me a farm with lots of animals... a cute goat who was clearly in a pickle.
...saw a giraffe with a long tongue.
...thought this guy looked a little like Barkley (chubby and furry)

...watched an alligator show
...TG wanted to touch the tail but this little boy got picked instead.
...took what is likely the world's worst photograph taken by some random fair-goer
(Yes, I'm aware it looks like I have something wrong with my hand but I don't. Yes, TG won that sword. Yes, it's still in the car.)
Despite not having enough time to spend, we had a really fun time. The weather was just perfect and going on a Tuesday saved us from the typical Saturday crowds. I had a funnel cake and a candy apple, so I was a happy girl.

Bern's Steakhouse

Weekend before last TG's grandparents were visiting in the area (for golf and such with old friends) and were kind enough to take us out to dinner. We went to Bern's Steakhouse which is a famous Tampa dining spot. In fact, the Food Network is doing a feature on Bern's soon. From the outside, it looks like a big white cement building. Once in the restaurant, you are surrounded by gaudy decor. It's certainly not your typical upscale, modern, trendy eatery. Each dining room is decorated differently and sort of makes you feel like you're in a different time period.

Bern's is quite the dining experience. All of their food including comes from their private farm. Most of the ingredients used at Bern's are organic. Bern's also offers over 20 kinds of caviar.

TG and I both ordered Filet Oscar. Each entree comes with a salad and french onion soup (my favorite), along with two sides. TG said it was the best steak he has ever had.

When dining at Bern's, you can tour the kitchen and wine cellar. The wine cellar is absolutely amazing. I snapped the picture below on our tour. It houses thousands of bottles of wine, but what's in the cellar is actually only like 1% (I think that's what the tour guide said) of their total inventory. The below picture is only ONE isle of the cellar.
Upstairs is a completely separate dessert room with an extensive dessert menu. You also get to sit in your own little encased booth room complete with a telephone to talk to your waiter. Of course, we had to have dessert (complete with dessert wine)! TG's grandparents got the Baked Alaska and TG and I shared chocolate cheesecake. I was absolutely stuffed when we left.

Dining at Bern's is such a treat. If you're ever in the Tampa Bay area, we highly recommend eating at Bern's. For menu, contact information, and directions: see Bern's Steakhouse Website. We can't wait to go back.

Weekend + Alligator Adventures Part II

We enjoyed a jam-packed weekend. Friday night, we met up with some friends TG works with at our neighborhood watering hole. We had a great time sitting outside chatting and sipping cocktails. As it got later, the weather cooled off a bit. Not to worry, Elizabeth and I pulled one of the big heat lamps over to our table and warmed up. The guys insisted that it was 60 something degrees and we were being ridiculous. You can sort of see the heat lamp in the left corner of this picture.
This was the only picture I took that night. Mainly because I have been so fed up over how my camera has been acting. More on that later.

Saturday was absolutely beautiful outside. It was almost 80 degrees so we headed to our pool to soak up the sun.
Saturday afternoon we grabbed coffees from Starbucks and went on yet another alligator adventure. We found 3 gators in a nearby swampy area. It has a boardwalk that goes over the water so you can observe from safety. There is a little area that is off the boardwalk that is just a sidewalk through some brush (is that the right nature word?)...I made TG hold my hand when we went through that part.

I'm such a nerd and got entirely too excited about seeing the alligators.

We also went to the pool for a good part of the day on Sunday. Then on a whim, we decided to head to the outlet stores in Orlando (which is only about an hour away).

TG had Monday off since it was president's day so the good times just kept on rolling.
We drove over to downtown St. Petersburg to have lunch by the water front. I can't get enough of this gorgeous weather.

After lunch, I lounged around and caught up on my shows waiting for me on the DVR.
Then TG randomly said he was going to run some errands and go to Target. I thought it was weird that he didn't ask me to go (he knows Target is my happy place). So I chatted with my sister on the phone and went grocery shopping. I was loading the dishwasher when TG got home and sat a box on the kitchen counter.

I think my heart stopped for like 2 seconds.
There she was. The Canon Rebel I've been lusting after for so long.
I got teary eyed and told him he had to take it back.
He said he just wanted to get me something to say thank you for everything I do.
Thank you TG. (I love you more than Easter candy)
Best. Surprise. Ever.

So look forward to better pictures on the blog. I'm so excited!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Something Borrowed

When I found out one of my favorite books, Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin was being made into a movie I was super excited. I have read all of Emily Giffin's books. I'm always counting down the days until her next one comes out. When her books come out, I seriously go to Target that day and buy it.

If you haven't already read Something Borrowed, Something Blue, and Love the One You're With---you have to! Her other books, Baby Proof and Heart of the Matter are good reads too but not nearly as good as the others.

The movie comes out May 6, 2011. And I. can't. wait.
Not only is it one of my favorite books but the sexy John Krasinski plays Ethan! I love him as Jim Halpert so I'm certain he will not disappoint as Ethan.

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Blog Award: 7 Facts

Meet Virginia tagged me in the 7 facts blogger award.

Here's what you do:
1. Link back the person who gave you the award.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself.
3. Pass the award on to other bloggers.

I decided I would pick 7 pretty random facts.
So. Here it goes: (again in list form because I like numbered lists)

1. I can't wait to live in a big city, but I tell TG I would turn it down in a heartbeat if he bought me a farm with lots of animals. I'd Pioneer Woman it all over that place.

2. When dining out, I usually ask everyone else at the table what they are getting before I can order. I take my food ordering decisions very seriously.

3. I wholeheartedly believe that Whole Foods pumps some sort of gas throughout the store that makes you want to be healthy and makes you feel all granola like you're on an organic, farm-fresh loving high. Said high causes me to spend entirely too much money on groceries.

4. I hate wearing jeans. I want to love jeans but they are so uncomfortable to me. I have several pairs of really nice jeans that hardly ever get worn. I much prefer stretch pants. I have also considered jeggings. (Sidenote: Have you seen pajama jeans?)

5. I am slightly obsessive compulsive.
I insist on checking the stove/oven/coffee maker to make sure everything is off before I go to bed.
6. When I was little, I went through a period where I called my mom by her first name instead of mommy. This went on for about 6 months I believe.

7. I have seen every single episode of Sex and the City and Will & Grace.

I'm tagging:

Happy Friday!
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Neither here nor there.

TG and I had a lovely Valentine's day at home together. He got me a massage at a spa in Tampa. I have never had a massage, so I'm a little nervous--but excited! I say nervous only because I am pretty tickle-ish. I giggle the entire part of a pedicure when they massage your feet.

I made Dark Chocolate Cupcakes with White Chocolate Ganache frosting and candied bacon. I saw the recipe on Jessica's website How Sweet It Is. Jessica creates the most sinfully delicious food. These cupcakes did not disappoint. I'm with Jessica. If loving candied bacon is wrong, I don't want to be right. I baked these Monday afternoon while skyping with my sister. Which was fun. She said she felt like she was watching a cooking show.
TG cooked us some delicious steaks for dinner. Unfortunately, he grabbed a hot pot and burned the crap out of his hand. It blistered up and looks pretty gross, if we're being honest. That put a little damper on the evening but non the less we had a nice Valentine's day dinner and dessert.

TG and I crossed Bern's steakhouse off of our bucket list on Friday night. Then Tuesday we crossed off the Florida State Fair. Ya'll. It pains me to say this. But it was way better than the NC State Fair. I mean, I saw an alligator show, grizzly bears playing in a pool, the worlds largest rat, a giraffe, a 300 lb. snake, and ate a funnel cake all in one day. And that's not even everything we saw/did/ate. There will be a whole post on my fair adventures, complete with animal pictures once I have another free minute/feel like uploading my pictures off of my camera.

I've been so busy this week (with school work, boo) that I haven't even had time to watch the Bachelor, Teen Mom 2, Private Practice from the past 2 weeks or Desperate Housewives. I value my mindless television watching. I had a super-duper run yesterday, complete with energy jelly beans. If I had my own treadmill, I could watch my DVRd shows while I ran. How awesome would that be?

And I think all of this reading of research articles and textbooks has drained my brain. This is evident in this post, where I am clearly all over the place.

Happy Wednesday.
Don't forget to watch Modern Family. Aka The best show in the world.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Day of Love!

Happy Valentine's Day! Or Single's Awareness Day. Whichever way you love/hate/celebrate/acknowledge this day of loooove.

Even when I didn't have a boyfriend, I loved buying treats and cards for my girlfriends and family. I mean, hello, even if you don't have a special someone, call your mama/sister/daddy/grandma/golden retriever and tell them you love them.

I've always liked Valentine's Day. Mainly because candy is mandatory all day long.
TG and I are making a special dinner at home tonight.

I'm excited to spend an evening relaxing. I wrote papers ALL DAY yesterday. From 10 a.m.-11:30pm I was in front of the computer except for a quick break to the mall. I was a little jealous of Janae's new treadmill so I headed to the running store to get a little prize of my own. I got a new little fanny pack-type thing to hold my phone and key while I'm running 'round the neighborhood. (Granted, this pack doesn't have a TV or personal fan, so I won't be able to watch the Bachelor in the cool breeze like Janae)

That was my only break. I didn't even get to see the Grammy's. I love award shows and it pained me to miss it. You're probably thinking I should have DVR'd it. Well, Desperate Housewives, Kourtney and Kim take NYC, and The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion were recording and wouldn't allow it. (I make tough choices like this everyday.)

I have yet to see GaGa hatch out of her egg or whatever I keep hearing about. TG kept referring to it as a "womb". Ha! I must say, Lady GaGa has some good music but I can't help but be a little afraid of her.
I digress.

I managed to see (read: search the internet at midnight last night) a clip of Mr. Bieber and Ursher doing their thing.
Bieber, I love you.

And remember how I said I was going to do a Valentine's Day giveaway? Well...
I lied. But I didn't mean to. I have been on the search for the perfect thing and I just didn't find it. SO, once I find something special I will post the giveaway!

If you're still looking for a gift for your guy, this post may help!

Have a love filled day!

Friday, February 11, 2011


“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
— Albert Einstein

When talking to God, I try to always start with praise before requests. I have been blessed with so much. So much goodness. So much love.

Seeing homeless people in parts of Tampa makes me so sad. The saddest part to me is not that they are hungry or have ragged clothes. The saddest part to me is that they have no one to turn to. It's so troubling that (for whatever reason) they have no family or friends to turn to for support. I know that a lot of people say that many of these people have chosen to be homeless and make plenty of money begging. Currently in Tampa there is a lot of controversy about the panhandlers and the city council is trying to prohibit panhandling. All the same, my heart aches when I see these people. My heart aches but at the same time swells with gratitude.

This week I am thankful for:
-A sister that I skyped and giggled with for an hour.
-A safe place to live (that isn't outside with those alligators. Eesh.)
-Blogger friends that I look forward to reading each day
-A boyfriend that calls me on his way home from work (even though he works like 5 minutes from our apartment. And even though most of the time I'm like "can we talk in 5 minutes when you get here?")
-A sweet dad that calls me to say he's thinking of me and just wanted to let me know he loved me.
-Friends that keep in touch by sending me texts with recipes they know I'll love and quotes from our favorite movies (thank you Joz. You made my day).
-Living in a place with warm weather all the time. I can't lie, I love wearing rainbows year long.
-Stretch pants and t-shirts (also known as my weekday uniform)

What are you grateful for?

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tampa Bucket List

It's looking more and more like we will be making the move to Chicago in 2011. I told TG I wanted to make a bucket list of things to do in Tampa before we leave. I will be blogging about these adventures as we complete them.

Let me know if you have any additional suggestions! Or just comment and say hello. You have no idea how much your comments make my day : )

1) Attend the Annual Gasparilla festivities. Check. Read about it here.

2) Go to the Florida State Fair. (Scheduled for this weekend!)

3) Visit the Yuengling Brewery for tour and tastings.

4) Take the dogs to the dog beach on Davis Island.

5) Visit the Lowry Park Zoo. (Ya'll know I love a good zoo.)

6) Eat at Bern's Steakhouse (also scheduled for this weekend--TG's Grandparents are in the area visiting!)

7) Visit the Hard Rock Casino. (Slot machines for me!)

8) Visit the Aquarium in Tampa. See penguins at Aquarium.

9) Visit the Dali Museum.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Alligator Adventures

Monday morning I was at the dog park in our apartment complex. There are 3 small lakes in the complex and one of them is right beside the dog park. We are used to seeing ducks and all kinds of birds. However, we are not used to seeing these guys.
I was throwing the ball with Chip enjoying the Florida sunshine when I heard a splash. I looked over at the water and sure enough, there was Mr. Alligator staring his two beady eyes back at me. I panicked and my fight or flight response engaged quickly got Chip and Barkley on their leashes and walked back to the apartment in a hurry. I even looked back a couple of times to make sure he wasn't running after me. He wasn't.

I don't think he was very big, but it was hard to tell because he was in the water. When TG got back from lunch I made him go down there with me to make sure it was safe. He was more than happy to accompany me on a lunch time adventure. We couldn't find him.

People in Florida are quite casual about alligators. Well folks, I'm here to tell you I am not. Yesterday when I went to the dog park, I honestly considered taking a steak knife with me (in the dog bag with the tennis balls and such). When I told TG about this last night, I realized just how crazy I sounded.

I'm definitely being more vigilant now. I'm on the look out for you, Mr. Gator. When I find him again, I will be sure to get a picture.

P.S. I haven't forgotten about the giveaway, I'm just still collecting things : )

Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend Update

We enjoyed a low-key and very lazy weekend around here.

Highlights of the weekend included...

-Trying to recreate our favorite fish tacos from Chico's (our favorite tex-mex restaurant from our college town) on Saturday night= SUCCESS!

Excuse the poor lighting and Blackberry camera picture.

-Watched a very funny Saturday Night Live (complete with a Justin Bieber appearance)

-Made delicious home-made pizzas. Eating is one of our primary weekend activities.

-Watching the Super Bowl.

...Let me rephrase that. TG watched the Super Bowl and I paid attention during the commercials. And pouted about the fact that Desperate Housewives and Kourtney and Kim take New York were not on.

Speaking of Kim Kardashian. Not even Kim Kardashian and her mega booty can make Sketchers Shape-Ups look sexy.

What were your favorite commercials? I loved the Volkswagen one with the little boy dressed as Darth Vader. He was on the Today show this morning and could not have been any cuter. His mom was with him and mentioned that he was born with a Congenital Heart Defect. He had surgery as a baby and now is thriving and healthy.

There were also a few low-lights. We can't be daisies and rainbows and hearts around here all the time.

-In an unfortunate incident at the dog park, Chip peed on Barkley's head. TG saw this. However, he didn't say anything about it until later. And by later, I mean when I was rubbing my nose on Barkley's face being like "Why in the world does Barkley's head smell so funky!? It smells like..ugh.. I don't know..what could it be?!" Then TG says: "Oh I think Chip may have peed on his head a little." What? (Don't worry, I got in the shower after that.)

-I had to spend the bulk of Sunday Funday doing school work. Boo. This grad school stuff is for the birds.

Happy Monday Everybody!
Stay tuned for a Valentine's Giveaway

Friday, February 4, 2011

Favorite Finds Friday

Today I stumbled across ShopTen 25. They have some amazing home decor pieces. I'm thinking ShopTen 25 qualifies for Carolina City Girl's Favorite Finds Friday! Here are just a few of my favorites...

I need these. However, I wish they were white. And not so expensive.

I love needlepoint anything.
This could be cute on a living room side table or shelf. Don't ya think?

I actually have two Friday Finds...
The Real Housewives of Miami will premiere on Bravo February 22nd.
Click here for a sneak preview on
I was excited to hear about the new show...but from the sneak preview it really doesn't look that great. Will you watch? My favorite housewives are the NYC, Beverly Hills, and I'm ashamed to admit...Atlanta. What's your favorite?