Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Florida State Fair

Last week we crossed another item off of our Tampa Bucket List: the Florida State Fair.
At the fair we...

...saw bears playing in a pool
...ate a delicious funnel cake (In full disclosure: I ate most of it)
... saw a hat that looked a little like Chip.
...saw "the world's largest pig", Porky.
(May or may not have gotten sad looking at Porky with flies all over his belly)
...saw an "800 pound alligator" ..right.
...saw the world's largest rat, which actually isn't a rat at all.
...saw the cutest baby cows in the world/begged TG to buy me a farm with lots of animals...
....pet a cute goat who was clearly in a pickle.
...saw a giraffe with a long tongue.
...thought this guy looked a little like Barkley (chubby and furry)

...watched an alligator show
...TG wanted to touch the tail but this little boy got picked instead.
...took what is likely the world's worst photograph taken by some random fair-goer
(Yes, I'm aware it looks like I have something wrong with my hand but I don't. Yes, TG won that sword. Yes, it's still in the car.)
Despite not having enough time to spend, we had a really fun time. The weather was just perfect and going on a Tuesday saved us from the typical Saturday crowds. I had a funnel cake and a candy apple, so I was a happy girl.


  1. looks like ya'll had fun! i love going to fairs!

  2. We did not go to the Florida State Fair this year. With a baby in tow I think it would have been a little crazy.

    I am in St. Pete are you in Tampa?

  3. I really like fairs=) I live in Orlando but haven't been to the Florida Fair, I have been to the San Diego county fair which was gigantic and probably the best fair I've ever been to though!