Friday, February 11, 2011


“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
— Albert Einstein

When talking to God, I try to always start with praise before requests. I have been blessed with so much. So much goodness. So much love.

Seeing homeless people in parts of Tampa makes me so sad. The saddest part to me is not that they are hungry or have ragged clothes. The saddest part to me is that they have no one to turn to. It's so troubling that (for whatever reason) they have no family or friends to turn to for support. I know that a lot of people say that many of these people have chosen to be homeless and make plenty of money begging. Currently in Tampa there is a lot of controversy about the panhandlers and the city council is trying to prohibit panhandling. All the same, my heart aches when I see these people. My heart aches but at the same time swells with gratitude.

This week I am thankful for:
-A sister that I skyped and giggled with for an hour.
-A safe place to live (that isn't outside with those alligators. Eesh.)
-Blogger friends that I look forward to reading each day
-A boyfriend that calls me on his way home from work (even though he works like 5 minutes from our apartment. And even though most of the time I'm like "can we talk in 5 minutes when you get here?")
-A sweet dad that calls me to say he's thinking of me and just wanted to let me know he loved me.
-Friends that keep in touch by sending me texts with recipes they know I'll love and quotes from our favorite movies (thank you Joz. You made my day).
-Living in a place with warm weather all the time. I can't lie, I love wearing rainbows year long.
-Stretch pants and t-shirts (also known as my weekday uniform)

What are you grateful for?

Happy Weekend!


  1. you have a lot to be thankful for, love. happy weekend.

  2. I love this!! Thank you so much for your perspective!! It took me a long time to LEARN gratitude. Isn't that horrible? Today, I'm thankful for my friends and family :) Have a fabulous weekend! xoel

  3. Great list, you do have a lot be grateful for! I always try to thank God first before my requests as well! I am thankful for an amazing husband!

  4. This was a great post - thank you! I often need the reminder of how blessed I am and not how much I need. Have a great weekend!

  5. Thank you so much for your comment! Blogger is amazing, I am so happy that it brought me to your blog!

  6. I seriously love that poster. We are all so blessed. We have such an amazing God and for that I am thankful!

  7. you're welcome hanz! i am so thankful for you :) Also could you let a girl know things like, "It's looking more and more like we will be making the move to Chicago in 2011."? It appears we need a phone date. Actually make that a skype date..i got bangs!