Monday, February 28, 2011

Sorry Charlie

As in "You're sorry, Charlie".
I simply cannot keep my little [blogging] mouth shut.

This morning I couldn't help but think of the line from Steel Magnolias, when she says "And the nicest thing I can say about him is all of his tattoos are spelled correctly". My sentiment exactly.

I was especially excited for my morning coffee/Today show routine this morning. I knew it would be primarily filled with talk about last night's Oscars. Unfortunately, the bulk of the discussions were about Charlie Sheen. I found his interview rather upsetting. His delusional statements, arrogance, and inability to be accountable for his actions are bad enough on their own. What really got me was his statement about Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). In his interview, he calls the Alcoholics Anonymous literature, "A silly book written by a broken-down fool".

Well, Mr. Sheen, it just so happens that AA has helped thousands of people recover from alcohol addiction. I know people who have been able to completely transform their lives with the help of addiction recovery programs like AA. Perhaps if you had a high school diploma, you would be a little more enlightened about the world around you.

Charlie also stated on Today that CBS owes him an apology "publicly, while licking his feet".
First, gross. Second, are you in the 1st grade?

It makes me really sad to think that celebrities like this have such a platform, but cannot manage to do anything good or productive with it. I have trouble feeling sorry for him but I do feel sorry for his children and family who have had to endure the hurt that comes from the reckless lifestyle he is living. I honestly hope that he can find God through all of this, but he is so far gone already. It's safe to say that if Two and a Half Men ever does come back on air (which I highly doubt), TG will be watching it alone.

Please share your thoughts.


  1. I haven't heard of his latest escapade,but it sounds like he has continued to miss the point of life's lessons. Meanwhile, I agree that it is sad that celebrities do not use their platform for more good.

  2. I feel so bad for all the people that worked for his show that are no longer working on it thanks to him!

  3. I agree...and it is too bad that he has two little girls who are going to have to face this some day. It's time to get Charlie out of the spotlight and into a hospital.

  4. I did not see the interview but you did a great job summing it up. I've never been a fan of his and more so now I'm just disgusted! It's hard to imagine someone can be that clueless and selfish--he has kids!! Ugh. There's hope for everyone but this guy is seriously in the weeds.

  5. omw i cannot stand all of this charlie sheen nonsense. i completely agree with you: he's childish and ridiculous.

    can we just agree to ignore him???

  6. I don't have time to read this whole post right now... I'm just getting to work. BUT. Wanted to tell you that I already love your blog, just by lookin' at the front page! I will definitely be stalkin' it up and catching up on what I've missed. THANK YOU for the comment on my blog, too! : )

  7. I'm pretty much always tired about hearing about celebrities who are acting like fools, I don't find it entertaining. I'd much rather hear about celebrities who are doing good things with their fame, unfortunately I guess that doesn't sell?