Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bachelor Recap

This post is all over the place. I couldn't seem to get my thoughts organized after the emotional roller coaster that was the season finale.

First things first.

Brad's twin brother is a good 3 times better looking than Brad.

I had tears rolling down my face during the proposal.

These tears turned to ugly crying when Train's "Marry Me" played. A sweet song gets me every time.

(TG yelled from the other room: Are you crying?
Me: *clinching paper towel in one hand*: No, don't be silly. )

For about ten minutes, I thought maybe they were really in love and maybe it would really work out for them.

I pulled it together.

Then watching Chantal cry on the After the Final Rose broke my heart.

Sidenote: Emily's ring is absolutely beautiful. I thought her hair looked so pretty on ATFR.

Kudos to Emily for being so real. She wasn't making false promises. She acknowledged that they have been living in a fantasy world and now she wants to see if they work in real life.

I, too, would have a hard time believing that I was "the one" for Brad after seeing him make-out/fantasy suite it and say all the same things that he said to me to other women.

Apparently Brad needs to continue his "intensive therapy" since Emily says he has a bad temper and they have "knock-down-drag-outs" via telephone.

I've read on several blogs that Little Ricki's paternal grandparents are a huge part of why Emily won't move to Austin. Apparently they have millions and will do whatever it takes to make Emily stay near Charlotte.

Honestly, I would be really surprised if it works out between these two.

Ashley Hebert is the new Bachelorette. I was kind of surprised by this. Usually if they use someone from a previous season, it's someone that has a big fan base. I didn't feel like that many people were rooting for her...but maybe I'm wrong.

Ali and Roberto remain my favorite Bachelor/Bachelorette Couple. Ali really is adorable.

What did you think of last night's finale?


  1. OMG! the proposal had me crying too... I'll admit it. Then they had to go and play that train song which really pushed me over the edge... sigh... only the bachelor.

    I am choosing to be positive. I hope they make it work! I just love her!
    I didn't like Ashley though so I'm not excited for the next season (doesn't mean I wont watch it though). It doesn't seem like the best time to be doing the show-right after she graduates from dental school. hm. we'll see!

  2. hahaha I agree with EVERY word you just said.

  3. Welp we are officially twins because I think I could have written this myself. I hope they don't end up together because I think Emily deserves better. She is so sweet and Brad is a psycho. Also, true about the g-parent. Their company (Hendrick Motors) is big time here in NC!

  4. I agree with everything! And PS - Kevin was making fun of me crying haha!

  5. Totally agree! It will be interesting to see if Brad and Emily work out. I'm not too sure they will. Seems they are both pretty hard headed. I was not a fan of whiney Ashley. Can't say I'm excited to watch her, but I still probably will. I would love to see a pic of Chantel's new BF!

  6. To be honest, I liked Emily so much more when I saw her on "After the Final Rose" because I felt like she was being real. I just couldn't imagine someone to be as perfect as she was portrayed on the show. I appreciate her honesty and I thought she did a really good job.

    Also - I'm totally with you about Ashley...weird choice....and not the one I would have made, but hopefully it'll be a good season.

  7. I am very annoyed that Ashley was selected as the next Bachelorette! I think she knew before she even left the show....but what do I know....
    and I love Ali and Roberto!