Friday, April 1, 2011

Guest Blogging

I'm guest blogging about my everyday essentials over at Tea Time with Tess today!
So head on over and say hello!


  1. Do you put the powder all over your face?? or just use it as a blush? I am in the market for something to put on my face to make me not look so pale in pictures when the flash goes off (I need it before the wedding I'm in next weekend) My face doesn't look pale in real life, but via a picture, it looks like I have no blush or bronzer on :-(

  2. ummm OBSESSED with benefit blush + my blackberry. hahaha have a relaxing weekend! xoxox

  3. I'm so glad someone else is helpless without baby wipes! They're wonderful for everything: cleaning up, taking off makeup, or if your hands simply feel gross!

    Love your blog, glad I stopped by!


  4. Hola from Espana! Thanks for your wonderful post. Today is my last day here....Chat with you when I return stateside.


  5. I'm new to your blog & love it! And so glad I found you on today's post b/c I spend way too much money on make-up remover I'll just get the baby wipes! Have a great day!!!!

  6. My world wouldn't even make sense without baby wipes! I hope you had a great weekend :-)