Friday, April 15, 2011

Reading List

I'm linking up over at Kelly's Korner today for Show Us Your Life. The topic this week is reading lists. I love to read but only once I get past the first chapter of a book. I feel like I'm in la la land for the first few pages of most books I read. Anywho, I've got a few books in mind for spring/summer reading.

It's no secret that I love Bethenny. Although her mood swings are starting to get on my nerves, I love her anyway.
I definitely want to read Bethenny's new book: A Place of Yes.

I started reading The Help when my friend Tess was visiting but then got sidetracked with schoolwork and life. I was really enjoying the first few chapters of it though. I think I will try to pick it up again this weekend.

I can't wait for Jen Lancaster's new book to come out, If You Were Here. I've read two of her books, Bitter is the New Black & Bright Lights, Big Ass. Both are hilarious. I wouldn't mind reading her book Pretty in Plaid as well.

You should also check out her blog, Jennsylvania. It's hysterical and entertains me on a daily basis.

I've also been wanting to read Crazy Love by Francis Chan.

What books are on your list?

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  1. I loved The Help - it is so good! And it's going to be a movie soon with Emma Stone. Pumped. :)

  2. my mom and i bought the help when she visited on tuesday! i'm too busy right now to think about reading a book for fun so she's going to read it first! and bethenny--love her!

  3. I def. want to read A Place of Yes. I'm a big fan of Bethenny, too - even though she can drive me a little crazy at times.

    I am in LOVE with the book I am reading right now. It is the best book I've read all year.

    Plus, the character is a blogger and she lives in Chicago!

    Not Ready for Mom Jeans by Maureen Lipinski

    It's a must read!

  4. The Jen Lanc aster books sound hilarious! Thanks for the suggestion! Io Ed the Help. Happy reading!

  5. Coming over from Kelly's blog! I LOVE Jen Lancaster and read all her non-fiction books so far. Haven't got around to this new fiction one of hers, but it's on my list!

  6. The Help and Crazy Love have been added ot my nook wish list.. everyone is reading them!

  7. Great recommendations! :) I will check them out! Erin

    Love your blog! I am following you!

  8. The Help is amazing, you should definitely finish it! :)

  9. dying to get my hands on Bethany's book. Another wonderful post love. If you get a chance swing by to see all the last celebrity fashion news. xoxo

  10. I absolutely loved the Help, i highly recommend it and you should pick it back up :)