Monday, April 25, 2011

This and That

This weekend was the perfect mix of fun and relaxing.

Friday night, TG and I went to see Water For Elephants. We both really liked it.
By the way, movie food and candy has gotten even more ridiculous. $4.50 for a water! And I saw on the menu that a meal of fries, chicken tenders and a drink = $17.50. How crazy is that?

Reese Witherspoon is so adorable. And I know all you twilight lovers will shudder was nice to see Robert Pattinson all cleaned up.
He always looks so dirty. Clean and in a tuxedo=much better!
I was not prepared for the animal cruelty in this movie. I'm such an animal lover. My eyes welled up with tears more than once.

Saturday morning started our with a little car trouble. (TG's, not mine). He just got a new car and something already went wrong. Thankfully that something isn't anything huge.
So, I got to ride in a tow truck. Thanks to my AAA membership (Thank you, Grandmama Louise!), the towing was free.
TG got a loaner car and we continued on our happy way.

We had lunch at a little hidden gem of a place. Butler's Carolina BBQ.
People have strong feelings about their BBQ and which style is best.
We wholeheartedly believe that North Carolina BBQ (vinegar based sauce) is the best.
This little place even served Cheerwine and Sundrop! Perfection.
I had a BBQ sandwich with slaw on top, a side of fried okra, and a side of mac and cheese.
I told TG, "I feel like I have the South in my mouth."

Sunday we ventured to a new church which we loved! Easter Sunday is always so uplifting. I'm always reminded of how much bigger HE is than I am. And I'm always so humbled by how much He loves us.

After church, we exchanged Easter baskets. I was so glad to have candy again. TG also put a new pair of pink J. Crew shorts in my basket. I may or may not have mentioned them last week.
We spent the afternoon over at our friends' house and enjoyed a delicious Easter dinner. It's nice to have friends to spend holidays with when we can't be with our families.

Wednesday I'm heading home to North Carolina for my good friend's wedding weekend. And to spend some time with my family. I haven't been home since Christmas!

I still need to post a recap from when my sister was here. I'm trying to get all my grad school work done before I leave Wednesday. I hate having to do work while I'm home with my family. Hopefully I can get it all done before then.

What's your favorite Easter tradition?
Do you have a BBQ preference?

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  1. That is CRAZY outrageous for the prices at the movies for snacks and drinks and tickets too! Glad you had a wonderful easter!!!! BBQ place sounds absolutely yummy too! have a great day!

  2. woo hoo for NC BBQ! AND Cheerwine and Sundrop!

  3. How long will you be in NC/where will you be?! How fun would it be to meet!!??

  4. Enjoy going home, that will be so nice.

    I love that TG put pink, Jcrew shorts in your Easter basket - that is TRUE love!

  5. In my opinion, if it's not NC BBQ, it's not BBQ at all haha