Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bridesmaids & Happiness

Hello friends! Last night, TG and I went to the 10p.m. showing of Bridesmaids. I don't know the last time I've laughed that hard. Kristen Wiig is absolutely hysterical. There were a few parts in the middle that some might say (TG) were slightly boring but even those parts proved funny. Since I refuse to be robbed at the movie concession stand, we made a quick stop at the gas station en route to the movies. I still want to see Something Borrowed. I was so excited for it to come out but all of the mixed reviews I've heard have kinda deterred me.

Little things that are making me happy this week:
  • My bamboo plant. It has rocks in it and all I have to do is add water. I don't exactly have a green thumb so this was a good call on TG's part. Bonus: it's supposed to be lucky.
  • We are heading to Atlanta friday morning. One of TG's best friends from high school is getting married.
  • The prospect of seeing the Bodies exhibit on Saturday while in Atlanta. (Nerd Alert). Has anyone been? I've heard it's amazing.
  • The previews for the movie The Help. It looks so good. I'm reading the book right now and looove it.
  • Texts from my sister. She helped me decide what to wear to the wedding through text message pictures. Technology is crazy, isn't it?
  • Barkley laying right behind me while I'm trying to do yoga. He truly has no concept of personal space. Namaste dog.
Happy Tuesday!


  1. The Body exhibit is amazing- you don't have to be a nerd to enjoy it! I am adying to see both Bridemaids and Something Borrowed (my sister saw Something Borrowed and thought it was really cute and funny so dont be deterred by the critics!)

  2. Bodies is amazing & so is Something Borrowed. Loved the book & the movie! Definitely see it!!

  3. Definitely go see Something Borrowed!!!

  4. Bodies is crazy! I saw it in Durham, NC (I just happened to stumble upon it while shopping at Streets at Southpoint). Glad to hear Bridesmaids is so good, I plan on seeing it ASAP!

  5. I feel like we are going to need to see Bridesmaids together at some point.