Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Last Thursday of May

I always have the hardest time coming up with a title for my posts. This one rhymes so that's kind of catchy, right?

I feel like my head has been spinning for the last 2 weeks. Spinning with grad school work, Spinning with stress over our next move, Spinning with questions. Will we love Chicago? Are we 100% sure it's the right move? What neighborhood will we live in? Can we handle the winters? Should I get a full-time job and cut back on grad school courses? Grown up questions. Boo.

But most of all, my head is spinning with things that I'd like to do but just can't seem to fit in. Nothing absolutely urgent. But the extras.

Like...more exercise.
Like...seeing the Hangover 2 and Something Borrowed.
Like...getting frozen yogurt (It's been like a month since my last cup. Hello withdrawl!)
Like...laying by the pool. my closet. the newest issue of Southern Living.
Like...browse around Target. blogs and sip a chai tea latte.
Like...paint my nails.
The list goes on.

TG is going fishing out in the gulf with some friends this weekend. So I think I will check some of these things off my list on Saturday. Speaking of TG, he ate a peach at lunch and had an allergic reaction. He's been eating peaches his entire life. I suppose that says something about all of the pesticides and yuck they spray on our produce. He called and asked me if I had an EPI pen at the house. Umm, no dear...seeing as neither of us has a life threatening allergy.

*I was, however, thrilled with his appropriate use of our "911 system". It's not so much of a system but more of a "if there's an emergency, text me 911" code. In the past I have abused the 911 system. Apparently Barkley having a poop explosion in the living room isn't an emergency. Neither is the vacuum cleaner breaking.

I digress.

While I'm not certain of all of the answers to these questions. I am certainly glad we're doing this together (TG and I, that is). Living together has really made us a team. There isn't anyone I'd rather do life with.


  1. I think everything will work out for you. Take 10 minutes for yourself each day and try to relax.

    Glad he's alright. Good idea on the 911 code. I may have to tell Kevin about that.

  2. I love your to-do list! I would love to do all of those things as well.. thank goodness today I was able to check off "big cup of frozen yogurt with a billion toppings" - I can't go very long without it! :)

  3. I hope that the answer come to you:)

  4. I love this post! Everything will work out as it should..and goodness--an allergic reaction, that's scary?!