Friday, May 6, 2011

My Sister's Visit

My sister visited during her spring break a few weeks ago.

We had a such a good time just catching up...enjoying dinners and lunches al fresco...lounging pool side...making TG take pictures of us. We're vain like that.

Here are some highlights:

How cute is this mailbox? Love.

Spending the day on the beach. The water was still pretty cold but some crazy people were still swimming.

Of course frozen yogurt was a must.

...Iced coffee was also a necessity.
Not to mention we had the best deviled eggs ever. The green ones had avocado, jalapeno, and a little bacon on top. Delish!

I'm already looking forward to her next visit.


  1. Love your skirt in the last pic. I need fro yo now! You guys are so cute! :)

  2. So glad you had fun with your sister! This post makes me miss my sister so much....she lives too far away!

  3. what a fun time you had with your sister! I love me some devil eggs and frozen yogurt too! that mailbox is too cute for words! y'all are both gorgeous girl! love the pictures!