Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Confession and a Resolution

I have a confession to make.
I have entirely too many t-shirts.
Well, that's not exactly the problem.
It's more like, I have entirely too many sorority t-shirts and need to stop wearing them.
People probably see me wearing a bid day 2005 shirt and think "She's no spring chicken". Or "college is over".

And it's true. (not the spring chicken part)

My friends and family that read this blog already know about my love for t-shirts. It's not exactly a ground breaking confession. However, I need to put my confession along with my resolution out there in order for it to feel legit.

In an effort to become a more grown-up version of myself, I need to stop wearing my old ADPi t-shirts every chance I get. I was prompted by my blog buddy's post where she mentions a quilt made out of her old t-shirts. I've seen these before but when I google it, all of the sites that come up are super expensive. So. I need your help. (Before I find myself at age 40 wearing an old grab a date t-shirt.)

Do you have a t-shirt quilt? If so, I'd love input on where to get one made or other suggestions you may have.

Here's to becoming more grown-up and having more drawer space!


  1. My sisters have a tanker quilt and I'm in the process of getting one made right now! I will be happy to pass along information. To you!!

  2. i was just emailing you --- great timing! :)

    my friend who gave it to me actually made it herself! she is great at it, and i can always ask if she'd be willing to make you one. i'm sure it wouldn't be as much as going through a website.

  3. I have been feeling the same way about my old sorority shirts for the past 2 years! My mom claims she's going to make me one someday...we'll see if that ever happens. If I hear of any good resources I'll let ya know!

  4. My sorority sister's grandmother made mine but it looks different than the one above. I think i used 20 shirts (4 across and 5 down) and she cut out the front and put it on the top right corner of each. Let me know if you want picture of mine! I'd be happy to share!

  5. Wow that is such an awesome idea:) Although I'm not in a sorority so I don't have a tons of college shirts but after a few more races I could probably make a race blanket!

  6. I love the idea! I also have a zillion adpi shirts and I still continue to buy tshirts to this day from restaurants, on trips, etc. It's kind of a problem as my drawers are overflowing. :) Love this idea!

  7. I don't have sorority shirts, but I have lots of shirts from high school and from vacations I've taken that I want to remember forever. But I want to forget that I keep trying to fit into them and that they are way too small! I can always fit under a blanket!

  8. I don't where you actually get T-shirt quilts made, but my Mother in law made them for all her kids (my husband has one)! I wish I would have thought about this way back in the day. I too had about a zillion t-shirts from school year events & vacations, and ended up selling or giving most of them away. I could kick myself for doing that now. I'm going to start saving all my favorite shirts of my little boys (and future kids), so they have something like this! SO...I know you will do it, and I agree whole heartedly that you should!

  9. I know this is a late comment but, after scrolling through your blog, this caught my eye--goodness gracious I am in the same boat! I've put up a few of my stitched letter shirts (since I don't need to be wearing those after college anyways), made a t-shirt quilt and have given DOZENS more t-shirts away. My resolution? Stop buying cute tees. I guess that will be easier now that I've graduated from sorority life but I definitely can't give anymore away. I'm already down to ...60 (yes, I'm ashamed!) haha.

  10. I'm an adpi too! I just set aside about 30 function shirts for a quilt. I have been on etsy in search of someone to do it and can't believe some of the prices. I keep telling myself that it's worth it in the long run- and I guess I'd rather have someone do a really great job for a little bit more money than have a quilt that falls apart in a year :) Let us know what you ended up doing!