Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy Birthday TG!

Happy Birthday to TG!

It's hard to believe you are a quarter of a century old. Geez.

In honor of TG's birthday, I figured I would share a little bit about our early days here on the ol' blog. TG and I met at Pantana Bobs ("PBs") bar when I was a junior in college. Note: whenever anyone asks me where we met I always say "through some mutual friends". Which is true...but it is certainly more historically accurate to say that we met in a bar on draft beer night. He was new to ECU and had recently transferred from Southern Methodist University (in Dallas).

He asked me out on a date several times before it actually happened. For whatever reason*, something about first dates sends me into a panic and gives me a stomach ache. Poor TG, I think I made up homework excuses twice before getting brave enough to keep a date.

Anyways, we agreed to hang out one night before going to out with our friends. We had a fun time and another date was set. It was close to Halloween so I suggested we carve some pumpkins. (Cheesy I know, but I like activities.) Also, activities tend to make things less awkward. Pumpkins were carved and a dinner date finally happened a week later.

Christmas rolled around and I mentioned how fun it would be to decorate a tree. Several days later, we picked out a Christmas tree and decorated it with cheap ornaments from Target.

The rest is history.
[and thankfully, that snippet of "decor" to the right of the tree is history as well.]

[Camping trip 2009]

Happy Birthday to you!!
You bring me so much love, laughter, and fun every day.
I lurve you very much.

*A seriously bad first date comes to mind. Crickets chirping kind of awkward.


  1. Aww that's so cute! Happy Birthday to him!

  2. You guys are so cute! Happy birthday TG!

  3. hahaha on the first date stomach ache - you are NOT alone! i told my roommate the other day, "the best way for me to lose weight and not eat is to go on a date with a guy i don't know."

    pathetic. but so true! also, happy birthday to TG!

  4. Hello! Just found your blog and you two are just the cutest together!!!