Tuesday, June 14, 2011

TOMS Next Chapter & Half United

I was browsing the TOMS website looking at getting a pair of their classic shoes. TG got me a pair of their wedges(that I love) for my birthday last year.

My sister has a pair of the classic flat shoes and wears them all the time. I've heard such good things about how comfortable they are. I also love their one-for-one concept. For every pair of TOMS shoes you buy, they give one pair to a child in need.

TOMS recently launched their new campaign which features sunglasses.
"For every pair of sunglasses purchased, TOMS will help give sight to a person in need"-TOMS website
Give them a visit.. here.

Also, if you're new to ABLL...Check out my friend's company HALF United. One of my sorority sisters, Carmin, started this company after working for TOMS. They have a similar concept. Every time you purchase a HALF product, they feed a child in need for one week.

Doing good by shopping. I like it : )

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  1. I love those Toms sunglasses. I actually checked out the website and those are my favorites too...very Jackie O! xx

  2. The best kind of giving back is the shopping kind! thanks for sharing.

  3. Tom's shoes aren't quite my style, which was always a bummer because I loved the concept behind the company. I'm loving this sunglasses thing, though!

  4. i've been coveting a pair of those wedges for years. i think it's high time (see what i did there? high? wedge?…heh) i bought me a pair!