Friday, August 19, 2011

The Weekend

Since there's nothing to unpack yet, we will be forced to go out and have fun instead.

I'm thinking we may head over to Grant Park tonight for some dinner in the park via some Chicago Food Trucks. (We will likely grab a bottle of wine on the way too...just for good measure.) I'm excited to try something new and hopefully there will be some good eats.

Chicago's Air and Water show is tomorrow so we will be heading to the beach to enjoy that. The best part? It's free!

However, I'm most excited about heading over to the museum tomorrow to finally see The Bodies exhibition. I have seriously been itching to go ever since I saw the advertisements for it in the nyc subway back in 2006. Long time coming! Have you seen it? I've heard it's pretty awesome.

What are your weekend plans?

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  1. Sounds like a nice weekend! I saw bodies a few years ago when it was in're in for a treat.

  2. I have seen pictures of the Bodies exhibition and from what I saw it looked pretty neat.

  3. I saw it in Durham when it came to the Streets of Southpoint Mall, it was amazing! I am pretty squeamish when it comes to stuff like that, but it is so cool looking it didn't even bother me.

  4. i am just so glad to see you back in the blog world :) i've missed my blog friend! i am also just so jealous that Chicago gets to be your playground. it's going to be awesome!

  5. my weekend involves soaking up any last bit of sun i can before summer comes to an end *tear* .. oh and picking the figs off my fig tree!! YAY! <3


  6. Oh, I've always wanted to see The Bodies Exhibit so you'll have to tell me how it is. My weekend is going to consist of painting my house and reading my new book, How to be an American Housewife.

  7. Welcome to Chicago - you've come at one of the best times of the year - weather wise!! Adorable blog!

  8. i've seen the bodies exhibit before - it was both amazing and disgusting.

    avoid the pregnant lady section at all costs, unless you want to cry cry cry.