Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Friday!

I came across this picture earlier.
My immediate thought: this is ba-nanas*.
Jon Hamm, I'm overwhelmed with your sexiness.

Happy Friday!
(*signs you may be watching too much Rachel Zoe Project.)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Paris Club + Dose Market

Friday night, I met up with some girls (Tess, Liz, & Claire) over at Hub 51 for a drink prior to scooting over to Paris Club for more drinks and dinner. We had the best time. We shared stories of subway paranoia and chatted about recent reality t.v. shows. I left feeling so excited to have met some sweet Chicago girlfriends.

Sunday afternoon I headed over to Dose Market. This monthly market has all sorts of fun food/decor/clothing vendors. Think unique jewelry, vintage finds, and foodie items (even gourmet s'mores!) They also change up some of the vendors each month so there is always something new to be found. I picked up some flavored caramels (salted caramel, pistachio & ginger, and chili). I also snagged some bacon bourbon caramel corn from Salted Caramel.

There was also a little pop-up restaurant/soda shop in one area and had I not been alone I would have definitely grabbed a bite to eat. However, I didn't want to sit all alone, so I opted out.

I strolled over to Michigan Avenue to hunt for a birthday present for my sister. I walked away empty handed but did enjoy the alone time walking and snapping pictures along the way. It was nice to just enjoy the quiet (and step on every crunchy leaf I passed on the sidewalk). I have tons of recent pictures to post as soon as I can get into the groove of balancing work-grad school-blogging-playing.

TG gets back from his work travels this week : ) And I'm attending a wine and cheese pairing class with some of my favorite bloggers tomorrow. Details to come!

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Commutes and Coats

Thanks for all of your comments. I loved checking out your blogs and getting new reading material : )

The past two weeks have been crazy as I have started back working (as a nanny) and my grad school classes started back. Plus, the Blackberry outage has compounded my unplugged-ness.

I have a little commute to work. This is an adjustment as I have always driven everywhere prior to moving to Chicago. (Sidenote: I did drive to Target/Whole Foods on my own the other day! Three cheers for being brave and driving in the city. I realize this is not a big deal for most people.)

I'm settling into my new routine and have decided I need to make the most of my commute time. Sometimes I read. But sometimes I just can't stop people watching. I have like a little running commentary going through my head during my time on the train. I'd like to start drafting blog posts during this time. I think that would be a better use of my time than scouting out people to be on What Not to Wear.

Speaking of what to wear, I've been searching for a perfect everyday coat. It's about to get seriously cold. I want something longer and down filled but all of the women's long coats are way too long on me. I tried on a girl's patagonia XL and it actually fit perfectly. Would you judge me if I bought a kids coat?

This is the one we're talking about:

OR there's this short women's coat:

And I decided I need this just to hang out in. How cozy does this look?!

What are your go-to commute activities/items? And thoughts on the coat situation?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Outside Looking In (on Blogging)

Hi friends! On Monday, I was part of Johanna's (101 Things I love) fall blog series. She's a fellow Chicago lady : ) Head over to her blog for your daily dose of fashion, fall favorites, and one sweet baby girl!

We spent this past weekend up at the lake. While chatting with TG's stepmom, I was reminded that blogging is...well, a little weird to non bloggers.

Before I started this blog, I would have thought it was a little strange too. I suppose I can still see why people might think it's odd.

Especially when I say things like this on a daily basis:
-"My blog friend ______ went/ate there! It's good."
-"I'm meeting my blog friend _____ for drinks tonight"
-"I'm so excited about this blogger event coming up"

So, yeah. I have friends on the internet. There you have it.

I'm from a small(ish) town where blogging is certainly not the norm. And meeting people on the internet seems creepy and brings thoughts of criminal activity to mind. Let's be honest. 2 years ago I would have thought the same thing. But not anymore.

Blogs make me feel so connected. To people. Places. Restaurants. And to just generally being in the know.

It's quite the community, really. So thank you for reading and leaving kind words of encouragement/support.

Favor: will you leave me a comment and let me know you're a reader? Or just say hi! I'd love to check out your blogs too!

I would appreciate it! Thanks!