Thursday, October 13, 2011

Commutes and Coats

Thanks for all of your comments. I loved checking out your blogs and getting new reading material : )

The past two weeks have been crazy as I have started back working (as a nanny) and my grad school classes started back. Plus, the Blackberry outage has compounded my unplugged-ness.

I have a little commute to work. This is an adjustment as I have always driven everywhere prior to moving to Chicago. (Sidenote: I did drive to Target/Whole Foods on my own the other day! Three cheers for being brave and driving in the city. I realize this is not a big deal for most people.)

I'm settling into my new routine and have decided I need to make the most of my commute time. Sometimes I read. But sometimes I just can't stop people watching. I have like a little running commentary going through my head during my time on the train. I'd like to start drafting blog posts during this time. I think that would be a better use of my time than scouting out people to be on What Not to Wear.

Speaking of what to wear, I've been searching for a perfect everyday coat. It's about to get seriously cold. I want something longer and down filled but all of the women's long coats are way too long on me. I tried on a girl's patagonia XL and it actually fit perfectly. Would you judge me if I bought a kids coat?

This is the one we're talking about:

OR there's this short women's coat:

And I decided I need this just to hang out in. How cozy does this look?!

What are your go-to commute activities/items? And thoughts on the coat situation?


  1. I want to live in that grey patagonia. And no judgement on the kids north face is kids and its a perfect fit (and cheaper!). xoxo

  2. You're too funny -- I am scared to drive in the city as well! A) I don't know where I'm going B) Taxis are everywhere and they make me nervous with their honking C) I really don't want to move the car because I fear I will not get my spot on the street back! On your coat situation -- I think you need the longer one. I haven't been through my 1st Chicago winter yet, but from friends that have lived here for years, they say it's best to be in something longer. I've been coat shopping myself and have been trying on longer styles. In terms of sizing, I have a children's sized North Face fleece, so I am not judging -- whatever fits best!

  3. I definitely would recommend the long down filled North face. It got me through winters here and in Boston. It's the best! I really like that last one for hanging around the house/going to and from the gym. I need to look into that. :)

  4. Things to consider for commuting in the winter: hats, scarfs, and gloves. (More specifically, gloves that have those tech finger tips for iPhones.)

    But I would make sure that you look for a coat that rated for wind because the windchill is what will break you. To help with that, I would make sure your coat goes to the knees.

    Also, get what you can in kids' sizes. No need to spend more money.

    Stay warm!

  5. I need a long WARM coat to get through my first east coast winter this year. I regularly buy kids clothes. Cheaper and they usually fit better. I don't usually tell my husband though because he makes fun of me :)