Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Full Circle

While out walking around a few weeks ago, I headed down Ontario and spotted the familiar James Hotel sign. I couldn't help but smile and have one of those moments where I realize life has sort of come full circle.

The first time I ever came to Chicago (for TG's dad's wedding), we stayed at The James. This is one amazing hotel. The decor is chic, modern, and all around fun. The downstairs bar serves up tasty and unique cocktails. (Seriously, delicious.) It's a great hotel for first-time visitors because it's just steps away from all of the Michigan Avenue tourist stuff and provides easy access to the surrounding hot spots/neighborhoods.

That visit to Chicago kind of sealed the deal for me. TG and I both fell in love with Chicago and talked about how much we would like to someday live here. It was all I talked about before we finished college. And it was really all I could talk about while we lived in Tampa. (No offense, Tampa). And here we are. Kind of sappy, I know. I just love this city and I feel so lucky to live here. So I'm thankful. That's all.


  1. Very cute. I have those moments all the time. I love that! :)

  2. I love The James! My best friend and I stayed there for New Year's last year (we were visiting from Los Angeles) and we often reference the hotel all the time. The whole experience was great there, including the mini cans of Sofia champagne they served.