Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Weekend Update: Thanksgiving Edition

I hope you had a great thanksgiving filled with delicious food, great family & friends, and plenty of blessings.

TG and I will both be heading South for Christmas so we stayed in Chicago for Thanksgiving this year. Wednesday night, we decided to walk down to a restaurant just a hop-skip-and a jump from our building, South Coast Sushi. This restaurant is surely one of our favorite sushi spots. So very yummy.

We ate Thanksgiving dinner with TG's dad and step-mom. Holy deliciousness. I must admit, I sure love holidays and the food that comes with! I feel lucky to actually like spending time with TG's family. I know some people aren't crazy about their significant other/husband/boyfriend's parents.

Friday TG and I ventured over to Christkindlmarket which is a German-Christmas festival. It was super crowded so we didn't stay too long. However, I snapped pictures of one of the big Christmas trees and some of the German goodies. Potato pancakes, beers, strudel, bratwurst, and coo-coo clocks galore. I had a hot-spiced wine to drink and TG had some sort of German beer. We shared a couple of pretzels that were pretty tasty too. All in all, a fun holiday activity to do in Chicago. Bonus points for being free admission!

The market really got me into the Christmas spirit..even if it isn't December yet.

I'm trying to compile a list of fun Christmas activities to do in Chicago. Chicago people: What are some of your favorites?

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  1. The Chriskindlmarket is my favorite! My bf and I have gone every year and I love it! So fun. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.