Monday, December 19, 2011

Catch-up & other ramblings

The month of December has flown by.

Let's recap, shall we?

  • The past few weeks have been really busy but really fun.  We attended a friend's Christmas party with Tess and Joel.   We did a wine exchange (white elephant type thing) which was fun. TG and I left with two kinds we hadn't tried before.  Tess snapped this picture at the party. (And yep, same dress...different colors. Great minds think alike!)

  • The next week I spent three days laying around with one bad cold. (And watching a lot of Real Housewives of name it)

  • Last weekend, we celebrated Christmas with TG's dad and step mom.   We had reservations for iNG but they called that day to let me know they had a power outage and had to close for the night. Boo. We ended up eating at a new restaurant, Vera.  Vera really exceeded my expectations.  It's tapas and each plate that came out was better than the last.  I think I will do a review of Vera in a separate post. 

  • The family I nanny for gifted me the cutest little Chicago book and this adorable Tory Burch make-up case. Lurve!
  • I leave on Thursday for NC.  I'm so excited to see my family and friends.
  • I still have a significant amount of Christmas shopping left to do.  I've never been this last-minute before.  It makes me really slightly anxious. As much as I love shopping in Chicago, I do not love the Christmastime shopping crowds. Not one bit. 
  • I bought a bag of Christmas peanut butter M&Ms on Sunday.  Well, it's Tuesday and the 3/4 of the bag is gone. You do the math. The holiday season has a way of tossing some extra pounds my way.  
  • So there you have it. A little recap. Hope you all are enjoying the season and have more shopping done than me. 


  1. I feel ya on the extra pounds during the holidays! I hope it's done soon because all these goodies are really getting to me.. my hips that is! haha

  2. I love your dress & that case! I've been pretty good about Holiday eating thus far...the relatives that cook the great food come Thursday though, and there's not much hope after that haha! I wish I wasn't in the same boat about holiday shopping, but I totally am. Oh well! What's Christmas without a mall trip on the 23rd anyhow?!

  3. The dresses are adorable - perfect for a holiday party! I also love Vera - my husband and I went to the "soft opening" and we were SOLD! :)

  4. You two look adorable in that photo! And, I can't wait for your recap on Vera. I have heard mixed things on it. Happy Wednesday friend!

    P.S. Don't miss my holiday giveaway going on right now!

  5. Hope you had an awesome holiday! You look adorable!