Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Doggie Dilemma.

It may not be officially winter yet, but it certainly feels like it in Chicago. (I know, I know, it only gets worse.)

Recently, I read on our vet's website that the salt they use to de-ice (defrost?) the roads and sidewalks can be harmful for dog paws. I'm guessing we will be seeing a lot of salt in the next few months.  Am I being ridiculous?

Against TG's wishes, I have started the hunt for dog shoes and coats.  If they need winter gear, you can bet it is going to be cute. I don't really think Barkley needs a coat but I saw Chip shivering the other morning and felt bad for his short-haired self.

Here's what I'm thinking:
....They look silly, but it's really more about function.

At least Barkley & Chip aren't going to be subject to the humiliation that these would surely bring...
Seriously, I can't look at those without laughing. 

They also have disposable ones.  Have you ever tried dog shoes (either kind)?

This coat is from Land's End. I like this option because it's not too frou frou looking but will keep the pups warm and dry when things turn ugly here.

Then of course, there's always this too.  Just kidding.

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  1. I am CRACKING up at those dog shoes. Pretty sure Chip said "don't even think about it unless its Cole Haan."

    Not sure if you've seen this doggie jacket, but it looks mighty cozy for Mr Chip!

    miss you!!

  2. hahaha that dog snow suit seriously cracks me up. I have heard that the ice is harmful to puppy paws too! So if I lived up north like you do, I would most def. invest in some dog booties.

  3. We had to get my pup shoes for snow in new jersey because she hates getting her feet all wet and cold. She wears the shoes but they make her walk funny ( )of course she forgets all about that once she's outside running around. Hers look a lot like the first image.

  4. Too funny, and yes I would definitely recommend the shoes. I don't have a dog, but my friends that do say that the salt is awful for them. Sometimes we have to be practical.. :)

  5. I'm looking into shoes for my dog! The salt hurts his paws and he tries to pick all four up at once- it's so sad! I think I may order Ruff Wear boots soon. I just read that when you put the boots on your dog for the first time, they are not going to be very coordinated. It's important not to laugh during this learning stage because they will associate the shoes with embarrassment. I think it will be really hard for me not to laugh at my dog in shoes though!!

  6. Hannah...I have loved keeping up with you through Jossy & Aim..and I just recently started reading your blog! You seem so happy and I am sooo excited for you. Please come visit us in NC very soon! :)

  7. LOL. We are moving to Columbus, Ohio and I am nervous about our dog as well. I've been told there is some type cream you can put on their paws. Good luck! Let me know if you find anything worth buying.

  8. I was just contemplating these for our basset Floyd. However he is not very coordinated to begin with so Im worried if he had booties it may just get worse, ha!

  9. We are just coming across this same dilemma! I've decided to try the disposable booties first to make sure that she will actually walk in them before purchasing something more pricey. As for coats, we're hoping our pup won't need one, but let us know what you end up going with for both!

  10. I don't really know anything about cold winters, but how cute is this stuff?! adorbs!

  11. SO, I'm a nerd because I have a coat AND booties. Hey, my pup was my first baby.

  12. We got the coat but opted out of the boots. It's likely our pup won't wear them. The woman at Kriser's sold us on Musher's which is a balm you rub on the pups paw pads and b/t the toes weekly. Prevents salt burn and snow from balling up in-between the toes - not that we've needed that yet.