Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Look for Less

I was on Target's website the other night and stumbled upon some cute pillows.  I even found a couple of We are so lucky to have a pretty great terrace (a luxury in the city!)  I can't wait to entertain outside during the warmer months.  The trellis pillows are technically outdoor pillows but I ordered them thinking I could try them with my Chiang Mai pillows before I bite the bullet and order the Schumacher imperial trellis pillows for my couch.

Here is the original Schumacher version:

And then the Tar-jay version:
There's also this....

which is similar to this (more expensive) print.

And lastly, I think these are pretty too. These may make an appearance on our terrace this summer. 


  1. They are all so cute! Can't go wrong and even if you get tired of them, you can get new ones the next year since they are so reasonable!

  2. We got the Target version of the first pillow in green and brown last summer! It has been outside since and still looks the exact same, no fading! Love to the pups. xo

  3. I've seen the Tarjay version of the trellis one in person and it very cute!

  4. Tarjay is amazing and great looks for less!!

  5. I love the blue pillows! They are so great! Way to go, Target.

    PS - I def think we need another blogger meetup, now that the holidays are over. Let me put some thought in to this... :)

  6. Good eye and good finds! I love those navy and white pillows.

  7. The target versions are great! Love the navy and white deco ones :-)
    I miss Target so much... why oh why don't they deliver internationally?! Or better yet, why can't they just have Target in France?!

  8. Needing that navy and white one. Great find!

    xoo navy & orange