Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Obligatory Resolution Post

2011 absolutely blew by.  TG and I talked about all of the events of 2011 during our New Year's eve dinner.  Due to a lack of planning and holiday exhaustion, we opted to do a quiet dinner in our neighborhood. We enjoyed entirely too much food (Spanish tapas to be exact.) I wore 5 inch heels and felt like a human after being lazy the entire day.  Dinner was certainly the highlight.  Unfortunately I wasn't feeling well after dinner and fell asleep minutes after midnight.

So here goes the resolution list...

1) Keep in touch with friends and family better
2) Be more thoughtful.  I really want to make thoughtfulness a priority this year.  (i.e. remembering birthdays, anniversaries, gift giving, and just being a good friend in general).
3) Eat healthier and exercise more.
4) Be more organized and neater. (Try to make up my bed more than once a week)
5) Be a better dog-mother.  (Walk Barkley and Chip more...more dog park trips)
6) Find a home church in Chicago and join a small group.
7) Recommit to running.
8) Be a better money saver (i.e. go to Target less)
9) Wake up earlier on the weekends (i.e. like a grown up)
10) Practice being kind. On the train. In stores. To my boyfriend. And even when people run over my toes with their strollers.
11) Be a better blogger. I love reading blogs and want to contribute more to mine. I'm aiming to blog at least 3 times per week.

What are your resolutions?

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  1. My post title is exactly the same - ha!

    I definitely forgot to add "attend church more regularly" to mine, but my list is pretty similar. Best of luck to you!

  2. I think you can do it!! The PCA (Presbyterian Church in America) usually has great churches!

  3. Love your list of goals! I also need to be a better money saver! Target steals all of mine too haha!