Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Things I think about on the train.

My Nook. More like how I wish I would have charged said Nook. Oops.

Conflicted feelings. Case in point: As I was getting on the train yesterday, a girl handed me an animal cruelty brochure. I proceeded to fight back tears while riding the red line home.  I like to eat meat sometimes. I love animals all of the time. I don't like tofurky or veggie burgers any of the time.

Iphones. As in, I wish I had one.  If for no other reason than to be able to join the cool kids with their instagram pictures. Hopefully I can soon.  Blackberries are so retro.

Summer.  I catch myself daydreaming about warmer temperatures and how vibrant this city is during the summer months.  I’m very much looking forward to Saturdays spent at the beach with a skyline view, Cubs games, rooftop drinks, and plenty of al fresco dining. Ah, come on Spring!

Being finished with grad school.  I’m so ready to start working in my actual career field.  I miss being a part of something I really love and feeling work-productive.

My family.  I usually have a text or two from my sister or mom at the end of the day.  I find myself smiling when I’m reminded of inside jokes randomly.

Harris Teeter. It was my favorite grocery store (still is) for my whole life.  Chicago just doesn’t have great grocery store options. I dread going to Dominick’s or Jewel. And Whole Foods robs me of ridiculous amounts of money. (Although, I do love you Whole Foods). I like Trader Joe’s but hate that they don’t have a lot of the normal everyday household things I need. Like bulk paper towels. Or JIF.

Moving to a new neighborhood.  I like our neighborhood now. We have a lot of space and some pretty good perks (nearby parks, very close shopping, a large terrace, indoor parking) but we talk a lot about what neighborhood we’d like to live in next.  Top contenders? Lakeview, Lincoln Park, and the Gold Coast. (P.S. if you live in the Gold Coast now…what’s the dog-life situation? Dog parks?)

Where does your mind go during your idle time?


  1. Hi! I've been reading your blog but am usually shy about commenting (really trying to push myself out of that comfort zone) and as a fellow Chicago girl, I love the train for giving me a chance to think about anything under the sun. Poor me, no smart phone to play with. I lived in DC for a number of years and totally do miss Harris Teeter too. Also, Lincoln Park and Lakeview are SUPER dog-friendly....drives my bf crazy because it just fuels my wishing for a dog of our own. Anyway, just wanted to say "hi! and have a great Tuesday...it's beautiful outside today."

  2. Cute post. While I do enjoy walking to work most days, there are some times that I am envious of the train ride commute. It is a nice place to just think and reflect on things. I'm with on you on the iphone thing..the blackberry just isn't cutting it anymore. :)

  3. You need an iPhone... it'll be life changing :) What books are you reading on your Nook? I need to #1) find my charger and #2) find a new book.

  4. Cute blog!! I was just in Chicago this past weekend! Newest follower! Can't wait to get to know you through the blog world!

  5. Sometimes I miss the commute to work because it can be such a good time to clear one's mind. I shuffle from my bedroom to the office and find either I'm still half-asleep when I start the workday, or I'm still thinking about work when I go make dinner ~ ahh!