Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Midweek Confessions

I'm linking up with E, Myself, and I today for Mid-week Confessions.  I read hers almost every week and I love her candid confessions (and she's pretty funny).

  • I ate half of a bag of Hershey Easter egg candy last night.  In my defense, Easter candy is my absolute favorite and these particular candies only come out once a year.
  • I want an iphone purely so that I can take instagram photos.
  • I sometimes wear pants 3 or 4 times in between washes. What? Pants don't get dirty as fast...right?
  • I have a bad habit of doing lots of laundry, taking it out of the dryer and then putting it on a couch or chair and looking at it for a week before ever folding it. 
  • When I watch The View, I get unreasonably irritated by Whoopi Goldberg.  Her hair is always in her face and it drives me a little crazy.  And it appears that she takes on the personal challenge of trying to wear the world's ugliest shoes every single day of her life. 
What are you confessing? Head on over to E's blog and link up!


  1. You know how much I love The View but I have to agree on the Whoopi's hair and shoes. Most days I wonder why she doesn't just wear a huge trash bag. She needs a new stylist ASAP!
    PS I miss you

  2. Easter is, in my opinion, the BEST candy holiday. Everything seems to taste better when it's egg shaped!

  3. easter candy IS THE BEST. i want some right now. i am going to stock up after know, when it goes on sale. ok, i am really bad at laundry too. i'm really bad at washing it and then never putting it in the dryer. then it gets stinky and i have to rewash it. duhhh

  4. I feel the same way about instagram/iPhones. AND I hate folding laundry. I usually keep it in the basket so that my husband doesn't explode.

  5. I loooooove Easter candy too! I'm staring at a bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs as I type and wondering if 8am is too early to eat some :/

    I have complete Instagram envy as well!!! Here's hoping for it to come to Androids as well because an iPhone is not in my near future.

    Jeans can be worn forever as long as there so overt stains/smells. Just because I said so :)

  6. lol I love these! You made my day!! :) I'm now following you



  7. Pants don't get dirty...duh? And let's not even talk about candy. Valentine's Day put me over the edge.