Friday, April 13, 2012


TG continues to make remarks that our apartment looks "too girly".

[Referring to the coffee table books...domino, the perfectly imperfect home, etc] "Why do we have those stupid girl books? That one has a pink bird on it."

[Referring to the coasters from furbish] "Can those go somewhere else?"

[Looking over my shoulder while I'm browsing more furbish goodness on their website] "That place only sells crazy colorful girl shit."

You get the idea.

I'm trying to figure out some ways to incorporate some gender-neutral or even a little bit masculine items into our shared humble abode.

Here are some items I think may help.
guy friendly

Look at me...compromisin' and stuff.

*The coffee table books stay.

Do you have this problem? Suggestions?


  1. Love those "boy friendly" coasters! Besides- it's not like guys really read the coffee table books even if they are more masculine...

  2. Maybe TG wants to revert back to the half dog eaten coffee table... Bet he'd change his mind if you mentioned that! ;-) sounds like you're doing a fab job with decorating! Xo

    1. I love that table....Can you believe it that Joel and I never made it to your apartment in Chicago? I don't even know what it looks like! You'll have to post some pictures!

      But yes, I know all about the boy decorating debacle. Gone are the days of yellows, pinks, and purples in our house! I use a lot of gray which Joel insists I just renamed the world "silver" to not make him feel girly! ;)

  3. This made me laugh out loud. Surprisingly I do not have this issue at all with my boyfriend. I try to compromise on little things I can tolerate to be out for others to see that really mean something to him. A little goes a long way. That's all the advice I can give. :)

  4. I love the coffee table! This is cute...we went through the same thing!