Monday, April 2, 2012

Pops of Goodness

I'm thinking of adding a few things to my condo.  Just little pops of goodness to brighten the place up.  Unless you live under a rock, you've probably heard of Furbish.  I love the on-line shop but you really have to visit the store in order to grasp the decor-genius that is Jamie Meares.

I recently got some new coffee table books that I'm thinking need this urchin friend.
 I'm still trying to pull some of the colors from my Chiang Mai pillows into other parts of the room. Perhaps this frame?
 I love these glasses.  They make a great engagement gift.  Or just as an addition to your bar.

images via Furbish

And I'm still trying to decide what color throw.  I'm thinking green. Or yellow. Or that coral-ish red. Indecisiveness at it's best.


  1. Loving all your items! I have been eyeing that urchin from Furbish for quite some time now... seeing the actual store in person would be a dream!

  2. Gorgeous! I love Jamie's style. I think walking into Furbish with a credit card could be very dangerous for me...

  3. NEED those darling glasses for our bar cart....Furnish is one of my biggest misses of Raleigh. Miss you Trina! xo

  4. Loving all these finds. Those glasses are classic! And I love that coral throw too!

  5. Love the urchin and frames! Those glasses are too funny!

  6. I'm a fellow Chicago blogger, glad I stumbled across your site it's great!